Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a way to end a week!

Sunday 10/3: After being told that Jesus lives within all of us, Sam tells his CCD teacher that we need to get him out so he can be with Lucy (MIL's dog).

Monday 10/4: Sam is eval'd by the local pedi rehab speech therapist and qualifies for additional therapy through them. He'll get one-on-one sessions in addition to his group sessions he gets at school.

Tuesday 10/5: Interview at 5th/3rd for a temp job.......about 5 hours later I get the call I was selected for the position!

Wednesday 10/6: Filled out background check for Adecco :)

Thursday 10/7: Found a pretty good deal on some books I want to buy for Sam for Christmas

Friday 10/8: Henry had a fabulous speech session with Ms. Lisa. Got some great fabrics and deals at JoAnn's for new quilts and Santa Sacks.

Saturday 10/9: The Spartans beat out the Wolverines for the third year in a row! Go GREEN!

Could it be true? Could some good things really be finally coming around for this family? (though I know Eric is a bit disappointed in UM's loss)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Now it's party time!

Because Sam qualified for more individual speech therapy through the hospital. The therapist will be able to do some stretching exercises and other stuff to help him develop his tongue, cheek and jaw muscles. YAY!! That along with other stuff too.

It's really sad when you're pleased that your child is low enough to get services. but it's the crap part of having a special needs child who sits on the border.

I could have him classified further and he'd get even more help, but I don't think that's necessary. A wise mommy told me once that just because the someone else wants a diagnosis, doesn't make it true. I've never felt Sam fit into a specific category of delay, nor have I thought he'd be a year of service and be fine type of kid.