Saturday, July 12, 2008

We had Duck's IEP

We got Duck's evaluation results back on Thursday at his IEP. It was a bit disheartening as we learned he is much farther behind than we thought. We're hoping that it has more to do with his decision to not be a "performing monkey". He certainly has his own agenda and on eval day (back in May) it was to only do what he wanted.

They administered two tests. The first was the Battelle and it was the same thing they did in January 07. His scores pretty much mirror what we found back then. So, while he hasn't gained a whole lot, he definitely hasn't lost or stopped progressing altogether.

His scores:

  • Adaptive: 87, 19th percentile
  • Personal-Social: 88, 21st percentile
  • Communication: 55, 0.1 percentile
  • Motor: 80, 9th percentile
  • Cognitive: 70, 2nd percentile

Anything above 85 is "normal". They're not worried about the motor, it has more to do with him not yet holding pencil in the right grip (he still holds in in a fist) and he's not showing a hand dominance. And they think the cognitive is directly related to his communication.

Obviously at the 0.1 percentile, communication is a significant delay. (so much for he'll talk when he's ready)

The speech test revealed that his receptive language places him in the 6th percentile and his expressive in the <1st>

Saturday, July 5, 2008

And so it starts

It's 11:00 and.......I just sent E for ice cream. I picked up donuts this morning for breakfast (rather than cooking a big family feast). I had one donut and was ill the rest of the day. I did have some saltine minis and ginger ale (both of which Duck felt the need to finish for me), but even that didn't settle my stomach.

So, he's off to get me ice cream. Because, well, you know, I have to eat. I can't have another day like today where all I have is a donut, a few crackers and some ginger ale.

Duck's new thing? We gave him an old flip cell phone. Today, he opened it up, said "hewwo, it meee" and then walked around jibbering. He climbed in the chair and said "buh-bye" and closed the phone. We laughed SOOOOO HARD!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Afternoon sickness

I really wish "they" wouldn't call it morning sickness. Because it's not always in the morning. With Duck, I had all day into the night sickness and it was really more acid reflux than nausea. I only got sick once and i think that had more to do with the deep friend Monte Cristo I had that night at Bennigan's than with being pregnant.

This time, it's full blown nausea making me not want to look at or eat any food. It starts right around 11:30 in the morning and goes all afternoon until I get home. It's the smells coming from the small kitchen on my floor and from the cafeteria downstairs. And hibernating in the bathroom doesn't help either because the kitchen is right next to it, so the smells vent right in. My cube on the farm? Probably 30 yards from the kitchen. Might seem like a lot but it's not.

Once I get home, I'm fine. I start to feel better actually as soon as I get out of the building. The bigger problem is that I get so nauseous that I don't want to eat or can't eat. Twice this week I only had half a sandwich between 9 am and 6 pm. Breakfast I'm okay....I either have cereal, oatmeal or egg/cheese on a bagel. Thursday I had a pb & j sandwich on toast for breakfast. Was the only thing that sounded good.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Admitting defeat

I cannot get that stupid stain out. I have tried OxiClean (as a paste, in the load, and as a 1 hour soak in warm water), cornstarch, shampoo, Shout Advance (just spraying on and washing, then again by letting it dry and set for 4 days--per directions but haven't had to do this before), and even Biz Bleach for colors.

NOTHING is working.

What's so upsetting is that the SAME EXACT stain was on a cotton shirt and it came out with just one application of Shout Advance. (love that product)

I've consulted my Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean and I can't find anything in there that will help that I haven't already tried. I mean, I already use Borax and Washing Soda since I make my own detergent.

I have no idea what to try. The internet is of no help at this point.