Monday, August 31, 2009

Vax reactions

This was his leg in July. Kid never reacted to a single vax until we moved.

This is his arm currently, from a chicken pox vaccination 6 days ago.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Secondary uses for baby items

I've gotten inspired lately on how to use baby items that I won't be using after Henry. This is due to Rachel Ray's "double duty" segment on her show. You know, like the lady whose husband uses his drill to help turn the handle on the juicer or the mom that uses chip clips to close off the end of tortillas for her kids.

So, what would I do with...........
Travel formula containers? Use them for small snacks for my toddler/preschooler. Things like M&Ms, mini-marshmallows, Cheerios, Coco Puffs, Gerber Puffs and goldfish. I'd use this over a small bowl because it would offer my child a choice of what he might want, plus I wouldn't have to carry two separate containers for my infant and preschooler. Puffs in one spot, Cheerios another, and M&Ms another.

Take-n-Toss containers? At under $4 for 7 bowls with lids, sure you can pitch them, but these small bowls are great for other things! Perfect for school lunches or even Mom's lunch. Need a small container of dish soap for the office or for a road trip? How about using one for the water for water colors? or even for tempera paint? (hey did you know that if you mix powder tempera paint with Dawn dish soap you can make washable finger paint or regular paint depending on the consistency?) And, they're cheaper than the name brand reusable lunch containers and come in cooler colors.

Diaperbags? Use them to keep a change of clothing for the kids in the car, with all the internal pockets, you can even keep toothbrushes, dry snacks, individually wrapped wet wipes, small bags (like small trash can bags on a roll.....scented ones for poop accidents), and a small blanket or two for the kids on late nights.

Old videos? Keep them handy, you might have visitors or grandchildren some day that fall in love with Teletubbies all over again.

Baby blankets? Cut them up for scrap material for any kind of item, maybe a patchwork quilt to follow them to camp or college. (same goes for clothing items you can't part with)

Bottles? Donate them to a battered women's shelter or a church. Throw in a few packs of brand-new nips though. (liners too if they're the drop-in kind)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For my 36th birthday

I have decided to "donate" my birthday this year! I've posted about my friend Amy's little boy, Jack before.

Jack is an angel (literally and figuratively). Jack had congenital heart defects and passed away October 31, 2008, just two weeks shy of his third birthday.

I mentioned the Golf 4 Jack outing on August 29, 2009 in Ann Arbor, MI before. The outing is just two days after my birthday weekend.

I think often of Jack's family, even more now that we're back in Michigan. With the wonderful world of the internet and Facebook, I am trying to raise money for Jack's foundation.

You can donate to the cause by clicking here Jack's Cause for Andrea's birthday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm so frustrated!

The two products that were ESSENTIAL in getting Sam the right amount of fiber, protein and fruit in his diet are no longer being made.

Nestle is no longer producing Juicy Juice Peach! Though I can say so far Welch's Naturals Peach has been an acceptable replacement in Sam's eyes. (not mine, though, not fruity enough for me)

Abbott Nutrition is no longer making the PediaSure NutriPals bars! These were lifesavers in getting Sam to eat anything at school! His teacher knew if he flat out refused to eat hot lunch or even whatever I sent him, that she could always give him water and a NutriPals bar.

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't there a HUGE ad campaign for the bars? They were great for protein for my chicken-only kid.

Both companies apologize for any "inconvenience". Hmmmmm, can ya suggest something else for me to try?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Potty training successes

Really, truly, potty training is all about how ready your kid is. Even if it's after his 4th birthday! Since Sam's birthday a few weeks ago, we've been hitting PTing hard. And just this past week, I bought big boy underwear. Little tighty-whities! Okay, they're not white....they have Diego, Thomas, and Lightning McQueen on them, but still. I swear there's nothing cuter than seeing your kid wearing underwear and realizing you don't have buy a pack of pull-ups every week. (well, at least not until the next child is ready to PT)

Sam's had 2 accident free days this week. We've gone out and run errands and he's gone potty at Target, Sam's, the ENT's office, Grandma's house and only had one accident at Michelle's house.

I've been most worried about his delays and thinking, he won't be able to tell me that he has to go.

Well, once again, my worries proved unnecessary. Three times this morning, he said, "mama I wanna go pee." TOTALLY amazing.

We are still using pull-ups, but it's just at nap and bed time. Completely normal from what I understand. And, he's waking up dry after those times.