Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a way to end a week!

Sunday 10/3: After being told that Jesus lives within all of us, Sam tells his CCD teacher that we need to get him out so he can be with Lucy (MIL's dog).

Monday 10/4: Sam is eval'd by the local pedi rehab speech therapist and qualifies for additional therapy through them. He'll get one-on-one sessions in addition to his group sessions he gets at school.

Tuesday 10/5: Interview at 5th/3rd for a temp job.......about 5 hours later I get the call I was selected for the position!

Wednesday 10/6: Filled out background check for Adecco :)

Thursday 10/7: Found a pretty good deal on some books I want to buy for Sam for Christmas

Friday 10/8: Henry had a fabulous speech session with Ms. Lisa. Got some great fabrics and deals at JoAnn's for new quilts and Santa Sacks.

Saturday 10/9: The Spartans beat out the Wolverines for the third year in a row! Go GREEN!

Could it be true? Could some good things really be finally coming around for this family? (though I know Eric is a bit disappointed in UM's loss)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Now it's party time!

Because Sam qualified for more individual speech therapy through the hospital. The therapist will be able to do some stretching exercises and other stuff to help him develop his tongue, cheek and jaw muscles. YAY!! That along with other stuff too.

It's really sad when you're pleased that your child is low enough to get services. but it's the crap part of having a special needs child who sits on the border.

I could have him classified further and he'd get even more help, but I don't think that's necessary. A wise mommy told me once that just because the someone else wants a diagnosis, doesn't make it true. I've never felt Sam fit into a specific category of delay, nor have I thought he'd be a year of service and be fine type of kid.

Monday, September 27, 2010

happy dance time!!

For the past year, I've been working on getting Sam evaluated by a medical speech therapist again. Someone who could address his facial hypotonia and really work on the muscles to help him form the words/sounds he should be able to at this age.

We got the referral here in July, they called in August, I called them in September. Teh last contact said it would be NOVEMBER before he got in.

Well, they called today and they had a cancellation and can see him on Thursday at 1:00! I'm so very excited.

Will post an update after the initial session. Wednesday Henry has play group for the first time, so we'll see how well that goes.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm hoping if I put it in print, I can continue to talk myself OUT of buying Henry a pacifier. I mean, he barely took to a Soothie when he was an infant. But right now he's all about sucking on an empty bottle or sippy cup.

and he ENJOYS it.

how do I know he enjoys it?

because it's QUIET, no screeching. No baby pteradactyl. No trying to wake the dead half-way around the world. he wants to watch the world around him.

why is it that complacency is required later on in life, but we don't allow our toddlers a little bit of it? yes, my 19mo still sucks a bottle. Sam got rid of the paci at 4y 10m. He doesn't ask for it, he is talking and telling stories and learning "big" words.

I just needed to write it out so I don't actually go buy one or 14.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sammy writing

I think Sam's teacher can tell which paper is his because it's the one with the scribbles for a name.

We meet next month for his IEP and I want more details about his writing in there. But for now, I've gotten out the dotted letters his teacher sent home last year. he actually practiced his name all by himself tonight. It's on each paper five times (maybe four), but he did it without being asked.

Writing is hard for him, he just never grasped the concept of gripping a pencil/marker/crayon. Those have only been recent additions ot his interests. (on the other hand, Henry loves to draw with the magna doodle and tries to with a capped pen)

Mrs. Z is using the Letter People program, which makes us VERY happy. Especially since I found a few of the books at Hidden Treasures over the summer. Sam got a lot of joy out of his Letter People creations.

Kids and dawn

Does God give kids some kind of special instructoin that they must be up before the crack of dawn until they're 6? Actually, I think if Henry wouldn't wake up so damn early, Sam might sleep later.

Granted, I knew when having children I'd lose some sleep. And really, I don't mind the loss of sleep on occasion. But the sheer act of being woke up by a screaming banshee isn't my idea of a great start to the morning. Really I'd love it if Henry would sleep til 6:30/7:00 and just wake up nice/talking/giggling/whatever, just anything but the shrieking.

Thankfully, though, both of my children do get up fairly well. By this I mean, they're ready to go. I don't spend hours trying to get them motivated. While Sammy could stay up for hours on end at night liek his daddy, he very much can get up the next morning and do what's necessary.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Speech therapy

Tomorrow is Henry's second speech therapy session. It should be a bit calmer now that Sam has been moved to the AM kdg session. Henry really likes his therapist and should be fairly cooperative. Lucky for me when it's time for her to leave is the same time as Sesame Street coming on. (woohoo for new season on Monday!)

We missed play group this but what can you do when he doesn't sleep because he can't breathe which means you're up all night too? Thankfully playgroup is weekly and we can start next week. So, Henry will get one hour of play group each week and one hour of one-on-one every other week.

We re-eval in a few months to see if we need to up it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

With the addition of FB to my life

I have experienced the loss of my blog. I apologize to my THREE followers. I hope you'll stick with me and come back to regular reading.

Much as happened in the past *gasp* three months. Not even sure where to begin:

  • Henry got his tubes in July, noticed a big babbling explosion about 3-4 weeks later.
  • Started Henry with Early Intervention. We have speech therapy for one hour every other week and therapy play group every week for one hour. An average of 90 minutes a week, I can handle that for now.
  • Sam started kindergarten. We've gone from our zoned school for AM, to school of choice PM, to school of choice AM. VERY happy with our kdg teacher. Sam really enjoys her class, comes home talking about her every single day.
  • Since school has started, I'm back to subbing.
  • I've started a new hobby/job making "tec me blankets". I'll post that story tomorrow or Tuesday. In the middle of three right now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's tubes for Henry!

Yes, he's getting tubes. After being unresponsive to some low tones, but passing the tympanogram this morning, we met with the ENT. We discussed the recent EI and reactions to the antibiotics. He agreed with the pediatrician that tubes are the best route right now. So, Henry will get his tubes on the 24th of this month. I did ask the ENT to check Sam's tubes while we were there since he'd just had an EI as well. They're good. (makes me think the EI was connected to the croup he had last month)

So, hopefully, we can keep him EI free for the next two weeks.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memories: the good, the bad, and the painful

When you move away, you get a fresh start. You can really be the person you want to be, the person you think you should become, without familial interference.

Moving back brings back many memories. The getting to see old friends and reconnecting. The I hate the bad roads and salt on my car. The remembering people in your life that you had tried to put out of your mind.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's been a crazy couple weeks

I'll post some pictures later, but basically, Henry had reactions to three antibiotics this month. Amoxicillin, Omnicef and Zitrhmax. nice huh?

My poor baby had hives coming and going all because of a double EI. So, we're seeing the ENT on Monday to discuss tubes.

Sam is doing INCREDIBLE. Last week he walked intot he bathroom at Penney's, closed the stall door in my face, locking it, saying "I do it myself, mama". I damn near cried. He did it all by himself, well, except for getting his pants up all the way, but he tried. The next day he did the same thing at a restaurant & that time he did it start to finish by himself.

So much for my "delayed" chid. Not even 5 years old yet and thinks he's "man enough" to go potty publicly on his own. Yep, that's right, he thought he was even going to go into the boys' bathroom w/o me! Think again little man!

My favorite phrase lately is "use your big boy voice and your big boy words." Amazingly, it STOPS the whining and screaming. I know I know, I have talk calmly if I want him to! J/K

But seriously, it really does work. I also have been using a lot of Harvey Karp's techniques outlined in Happiest Toddler on the Block. Have I ever mentioned that man is a genius? I really believe it! The best part is that HTotB can be used at any age (even with husbands).

There's more to come tomorrow, with some details. Right now I think I have a graham cracker mess to clean up.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

CHD (Congenital Heart Defects)

I'm dedicating this week to bringing information about CHD to the forefront of your mind. Why?

Because my friend, Amy, lost her little boy Jack to CHD on October 31, 2008. Amy and I met online through a popular public message board, then migrated over to a private board for those with children in the toddler age-range. Jack was just two weeks shy of his third birthday when he passed away. He'd be just a few months younger than Sam.

You can read more about Jack here at Golf 4 Jack or here Jack's Facebook page

Here's a link to what CHD is according to UM/CS Mott's Children's Hospital: click HERE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An update

40 pounds even (croup and an ear infection took a couple pounds off last month)

41" tall

Size 4 pants, 5T shirts and I'm fairly certain he'll need a size 11 shoe, if not 11.5

Just cut his hair for teh early part of summer. Probably the best haircut I've given him. He even sat still and did well while I used the mini clippers around his ears and on his neck.

His big thing right now is coming home on the bus saying "I had a great day at school mama." That's 8 words in one sentence. Not too shabby for a kid who two years ago could barely say 10 double-syllable words.

Famous last words? "I wanna be good mama" Yes, we all know you WANT to be good Sammy, but WILL you be good?

Still on the fence about what to do about the fall. Kindergarten or continuing the special ed pre-K program. I'm not interested in sending him to kdg just to send him to 1st grade next year. We know it would mean a repeat of kdg next year.

I'm probably just fairly disappointed we left Kissimmee last year and wish he had a similar program this year.

26 pounds (he's a chunky one)

31.5" tall

Purely in 18 mo clothing. Which kind of sucks because Sam went from 12mo to 24 mo in one season, so we're buying some things I was hoping to avoid. But at least that means the 24 mo fall/winter items I have will fit him later on. He'll likely be needing size 6 shoes soon.

You already know he's walking, better and better everyday. It's only when Sam starts running around him egging him on to chase him that Henry gets all excited, tries to run and well, is unsuccessful as he lands on his rear end.

We're contemplating a call to early intervention. Henry doesn't have any words yet, but he is communicating his wants, desires, and distaste. He'll give a kiss on command (to Papa or the baby in the mirror), he lets you know when he's finished eating/drinking by feeding the floor, and if he's in the play yard and you walk by, you had better acknowledge him or you'll have the screech of your life.

Well, there's really not much to tell. Eric's restarted the process to join TSA here. He's working part-time for a big security firm, but again, it's just part-time and in reality it's "per diem". I view per diem work as feast or famine. You get work for a few weeks, then nothing for the longest time.

I've been applying for teaching positions as well as jobs with teh state of Michigan. It's not like it used to be though. Used to be able to take the Civil Service exam and then get on the roster based on your score. NOW? Now you apply and sit back and hope to God someone likes your application materials enough to send you to take the exam. All I really need is that chance to take the exam. I've tried three different temp agencies. Yeah, rather unsuccessful there. I have a part-time job, but it's just part-time and no opportunity for full-time or advancement.

My boys and I need me to find a full-time job. For so many reasons.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1 Wife + 2 sons + 7 years = 1 changed man

I initially typed out this big long blog about how Eric has changed, but really, why should I? I know how my husband has changed and I shouldn't have to explain it or point it out for others, they should see it. What is incredibly sad is that there are those out there who don't see it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

New bike for Sammy

He's 40"/41" tall and it's a 16" bike. Such a big boy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Having patience does pay off

It appears that my husband has turned over a new tree. Yep, a new tree. Mind you he told me he'd do this a few years ago. He didn't just want to turn over a new leaf, but a whole tree.

Over the past two weeks, I've really only had to pack my breakfast and lunch for work. He's done a great job of taking care of pretty much everything else:
  • washing bottles for the next day
  • filling bottles for the next day
  • making chobby for Sam
  • deciding on dinner, then making it
  • cleaning up the kitchen
  • picking up the boys' toys
  • taking the boys to the sitter's if he goes to work later than me or not working (I pay the same whether they go or not, so they go in order for him to take care of stuff)
  • calling me to say "I'll pick up the boys, just come on home"
  • respecting that I gave up pop and fast food for Lent by making sure we meal plan during the week
  • told me to use three nights this past week to just veg in bed and watch my fave tv shows and he took care of the above for me
If it had just been a couple of days, I'd think it wasn't going to stick. But I think he secretly *enjoys* doing things for me and helping me relax. The less I have to do at night, the more time I have to spend with him.

You can never understand a relationship you're not in. And you don't know what you'll do until you're deep inside it.

I am so glad I have continued to have faith in myself and my husband.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

To the kind person at Meijer

Thank you oh so much for finding Henry's hat and turning it in to Lost and Found. It's been two weeks since we lost the handmade hat Nana made for him, I thought it was really gone. But, I took a chance and asked when I was in the Livonia/Novi Meijer this morning.

Emily, the customer service attendant, welcomed me down to the "found" bin and let me watch her go through it. I described the hat and she started pulling all sorts of things out. (if you lost a black glove, chances are it might be at that Meijer, they have a TON)

I was surprised that she let me look with her. She took that extra initiative to let me know that she wanted me to see for myself and that she wanted to be sure she found the right hat.


Pure relief and joy set in as I saw the hat. It's sitting in the pile to be washed, but at least it's safe and sound where it belongs.

So, thank you, to whoever found it, whether it was a shopper or employee. I'm incredible grateful!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Finally! 100% of the time, he's wearing underwear full-time, going on his own for the most part, flushing, putting the seat/lid down, no accidents in at least a month, going poop too.

I would have thought with all the stress in our lives the past couple of months, especially with me back to work full-time, that he would have regressed. Nope, he's plugged ahead and done wonderfully.

I tell him every day I'm so proud of him for being my big boy. Next step: getting rid of the pacifier.


In other fabulous news, Henry is now standing up in his crib, pulling up to stuff and 4-point crawling. No more Army crawling! I'll bet he's walking very very soon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Still alive after potty-training

We're on to underwear at night! Wahoo! Okay, so admittedly I didn't want to put him in underwear because we share a bed and I didn't want him peeing on me in the middle of the night. So, this past week I took the brave step to have him wear them. His bed is double-sheeted, so we took the chance.

And? He's been dry every morning!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death by Potty Training

Potty-training Samuel is going to be the absolute death of me. He has the most incredible days, including ones where he TELLS me he has to go rather than being reminded every hour on the hour to go.

Two days ago I took him to the library to take back videos we'd checked out. He had JUST gone to the bathroom at Target. JUST as in right before we left and drove straight to the library. Anyway, I'm looking at the videos and he's playing with the toys, then all of a sudden, he says "mama I wet"


I go to the check out counter and tell the man "we had an accident". I don't think the man had kids because I had to explain what "an accident" was.

Then today he'd done FABULOUS, going every hour, no problems. It was just me with the boys tonight and Sam was playing online while I fed Henry. I'm watching the clock, and I said "go potty" and I hear "but mama I wet"


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why winter coats and car seats do NOT mix!

Please please check out this demonstration of a car seat tech and her daughter on why winter coats and car seats don't mix.

Let's revisit car seats and winter coats