Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Reaching goals via a new teammate

I'm a good trainer, dare I say better than good? No, I won't do that. But I know my limitations.

Which was a topic for a previous post, not today.  Today, I continue my mission to talk myself up more.  I have a new teammate.  I've had him for two training sessons and today I helped him on his first solo day.

One thing I struggle with is introducing myself to leaders in my area.  So, as a means of getting used to reaching out my own hand, I made sure to introduce my teammate to leaders and coworkers he might come into contact with. It was good practice during our training days because last week, I purposely sought out the park duty manager at opening.

Turns out, he's from the same hometown as my dad.  Made my day.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Okay, so here it is

I have hard time bragging about myself.  I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk to people about everything.  But, when it comes to singing my accolades, I just can't seem to do it very well.  I had a sit-down with a leader recently where I said maybe I need to start talking about myself kind of like a third person.  Not in third person, but more like I'm talking about someone else.....more like acting.  Pretending to be someone else that really is me.  I know, you're not likely following what I'm saying.

I second-guess myself.  A LOT.  Too much in fact.  I'm quick to say what I don't do right or can't accomplish.  Yet I hesitate to say what I do well.  So I'm going to start a list here so I can add to it.

  • I use social media to update my coworkers when there is a change in parking, block-out dates, or general work information
  • I use the same social media to assist coworkers in switching their shifts, especially those that don't have access to social media.
  • I do a lot of communicating, to the point my teammates tease me about my emails.  (though few will admit how helpful it's been)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

bronchitis and sensitive gag reflex do NOT mix

In fact, they make for a very yucky combination and a miserable 7yo child.  So miserable, that he's barely eaten since last weekend.  He did eat an entire Happy Meal last night, but that was pretty much it for the entire day.  It's 1:20 now and he's yet to eat anything today.  His philosophy?  can't puke what you don't eat.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A note to employers

Dear Employers,

With some areas of the country at an unemployment rate of around 10%, we all agree it's difficult to find a job.  ANY job.  Be it part-time or full-time, with or without benefits.  It's hard.  Please keep in mind that the numbers don't reflect the reality of unemployment.  Here's my reality and wish: hire someone, save a marriage.

More specifically, hire my husband and save his marriage.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

More than a spare tire.

One thing I learned early in mommy hood was to keep extra clothing in the car. I had an LOP box. My lack of planning box as my husband called it. It started out as just spare clothing in case of diaper accident. Slowly I added to it. At it's height of use, I had replacements of everything. Sadly the boys are older 3 & 7, so I've gotten away from using it.

Last night it struck me that rather than using a box, I could actually use my old diaper bag. It's just sitting in the closet and since a while back I inked their initials onto it, really can't give it away.

So, here's a useful list of items that can grow with your child.  I'm making this list toddler/preschooler friendly since that's what Henry is.

  • change of clothing....rotate seasonally or when his/her size changes
  • pair of pajamas....ever been out later than planned only to take an overtired child to bed in their clothes? well, no more!
  • toothbrush with or without tooth paste.............goes along with the above
  • clean sippy cup
  • baby wipes..........because you just never know when you'll need them
  • children's meds.......rotate these every couple months as they do expire, but it's nice to have them on hand for bad bumps or insect bites.  don't forget the syringe to administer it and a baggie to put it in after

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's 540 and it's awake

I'm not sure WHY he's awake or even when he fell asleep last night, but Sam is already up for the day. Eric said they went for a super long walk. And normally, I'd wonder, but given the fact Sam was completely out when I got home at 8, yeah, pretty sure it happened.

The challenge with him going to sleep so early is that he's up early. Neither of the boys understand the concept of sleeping past a given number of hours.  Honestly I'm surprised Henry's not awake yet, he was out by 630 last night.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toy sorting, whatever works

Three days off and I felt I had accomplished. I took the following pictures as I was trying to sort through toys. Mainly I just wound up with another mess because of course I had to go back to work today.

I love my job, really truly love my job. I rarely go home and complain about the people I work with or the actual job I do. But there are many days when I wish I could be part-time again. So that I could realistically stay up as late as I wanted and just get stuff done. But alas my body loves sleep and my kids love getting up at the butt crack of dawn. So, I don't stay up late anymore.

So here are my "in process" pictures of trying to sort toys. First by type, then we'll decide what gets kept, sold, donated or thrown away.

I'm posting on my mobile device (iPod Touch), so I'm unsure of which pic is posting first. Basically a photo of two large boxes of misc toys and toy parts. Also a photo of my smaller toy containers, and some cardboard boxes, with the process already started.

It's Saturday night at 10, I'm in bed and not much more progress has happened. Judge me if you will, but right now I'm considering myself extremely lucky to have a 7yo snuggled up next to me and THAT is a little more important.