Sunday, November 20, 2011

New uses for old things

A new edition....will be adding more later, but here's what I've got that's new right now:

On a search for better dishcloths, I simply cut up some of the older stained kitchen towels. Voila! Smaller than regular dishcloths, they are easier for me to handle and work with than others I just bought.  Plus, no money spent, which is actually the best part.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update on Sam

While I am grateful to be back in the Orlando area with doctors that know Sam and everything he endured as an infant/toddler, I do NOT have faith in the school system we are part of. A shining light so far has been the assistant principal.

After a discussion with the sped coordinator at the school, where I was informed they'd be removing the "developmentally delayed" coding from his IEP and placing him under "speech and language impaired," I set about making some phone calls. I should note here, I registered him for school the first week of August and here it was the start of September and they had not yet requested his records from his school in Michigan. All they had was his IEP, no evidence of testing. ????? I gave her the name of the school, telephone number and the name of who she needed to talk to. Why was she so surprised that I knew this information?

Anyway, first I called and left a message with the pediatrician's nurse. I stated I needed to know what could be in Sam's file to help me do more than just an SLI coding. I got a phone call after hours direclty from the pedi. We spoke briefly and he said whatever I needed from him, including forms to be filled out, he'd do. (he's incredible, truly incredible)

My next call was to the pediatric neurologist. Thankfully, because it was less than three years (barely) since his last visit, they could still take him with his insurance. Got him an appt for yesterday.

When the school called again to say they were sending home paperwork for his IEP, she indicated they had a medical form. I asked for two so the pedi could do one as well as the neuro.

The appt with the neuro went very well. It was with one of hte Nurse Practitioners, but NPs down here are fairly common and we have yet to have one at a specialist's office that wasn't well-qualified. They picked up right where we left off in December 08.

An MRI with blood work is ordered (scheduled for Oct 20) and a referral for a neuropsych evaluation has been made. Just have to find one close enough.

When Sam had some work done three years ago, one urine test came back weird, so they want to redo that one. The MRI will give them a study of his brain to see if there's any seizure activity.

While so far no one believes Sam is ready for a full Autism diagnosis, he is definitely still on the spectrum. Keeping the PDD diagnosis was what was best for him at the time. There are tendencies, but nothing huge or outward. He just doesn't fit it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I took a part-time job

It seems more and more companies are hiring fewer full-time employees. Why? It costs the time you add in whatever benefits package that FTer has, it could feasibly just be cheaper to hire 2-5 PT employees.

However, a company will often hire part-time people with full-time employment waiting in the wings. They want to test you out first. Hiring and counting on a FT person that doesn't work out wastes WEEKS of training on that person, as well as the time involved by the trainer, human resources and subsequently management who has to rehire.

Disney now first offers FT spots to its PT Cast Members before ever heading externally. This way both sides gets to try the other out. Like being PT? Great, deny the spot. Don't really want to leave the PT spot you have for a FT spot elsewhere because you're holding out for FT at your location? Great again. But, get offered that prime spot you've been wanting? BONUS for you.

You get the spot you originally wanted and Disney gets a CM that truly wants to create a magical experience for its Guests.

Me? I want to be backstage. I loved my role as a CoT, even the one I didn't excel at the way I wish I had. But I still learned about myself, others, and about Disney as a company in that experience. Even more backstage is a position that would allow me to work more closely with training development and with management.

THIS is where I dream to be. Backstage, helping others learn how to create the magic. Making sure Disney Cast Members have the tools and resources available to them to make a special vacation moment turn unbelievable.

Like this: My parents took her and my sister to Disney World in May 1999. As they approached Winnie the Pooh, he took one look at this beautiful baby (she really was a cute baby) and rather than simply stand next to my sister for pictures, Pooh sat down on the ground and held my niece for pictures. Pooh's friend said he rarely did that, Pooh was still rather a stand-up gentleman after all.

Part-time employment gets your foot in the door. Sure it makes paying the bills a whole lot harder, but I know at least at Disney, there are extra hours available, especially if you are willing to work parade control or custodial. (which I am)

I'm aiming high, but will take my steps into the Kingdom any way I can get them.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Got a job. Granted, it's part-time, but it's back at Disney and that was a goal of mine. So, YAY me for goal accomplishment!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feeling incredibly incompetent

I love my children, I love my husband. Why is it so bad to want to spend a bit of time away from them and outside the four walls that make up our apartment? Why is it bad that I feel energized by being away? It sounds horrible, but when I'm here all the time, I think everyone (including me) takes that for granted.

Mom will kiss the boo-boos. Mom will make dinner. Mom will vacuum and do laundry. Later I'll read that story to the boys. Later I'll spend some adult time with my husband.

Yet, I apply and apply and apply for jobs and no one seems interested in me. I did get THREE rejection letters. Sadly one of them was from Target. The other two came from the hospital I had the boys at. Apparently I'm not qualified to serve food or clean hospital rooms.

I'm considering checking out Rosetta Stone for Spanish from the library. Every other job posting is looking for someone that's bilingual.

I hate being unemployed. I don't feel useful. I don't feel needed by anyone outside the family. And while I am needed inside the family, I don't necessarily feel appreciated.

Yes, that's important to me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitchen BEFORE pictures

I won't have AFTER pictures for a while, but I wanted you to see the before pictures.

The silverware drawer. I have a nice Reed & Barton set of silverware, to include all the great serving pieces and ICED TEA spoons. As you can see, we only have a little drawer thingy. I have the boys' spoons in an Ikea container and the boys' forks just thrown in. My R&B steak knives are in a plastic bag. Pathetic huh? Bed Bath and Beyond has these great organizers, can't wait for that unlimited money day because I will be buying at least three different organizers.
The specialty drawer. Yep, that's a mini cake pan holding most of the specialty stuff like ice cream scoops, corn pickers, spatulas, the boys' bumpy name labels and several other miscellaneous items are in this drawer. Oh, yeah, and the plug for hte griddle. (which btw also needs to be replaced.)

Junk drawer. Wow, it's a narrow drawer. But, it's a great place for charger cords, scotch tape, batteries and the Ikea clips.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Six years ago ................

I was in the hospital, getting all drugged up for my first birth. It had been an ungodly hot summer that year and I was working outside at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. I went for my 40 week check up and the dr didn't like what he saw in terms of my measurements.

So, I got an ultrasound right then and there. It showed my amnio fluids, which had been high all along, had dropped significantly. As in from 22 down to 5. L&D readers will know what that means....all I knew is that it meant I was being sent to be induced.

My mom (herein known as Nana) had flown in and gone to the appt with me, we swung by the apt to get Eric. I spent the next few hours getting prepped and checked, got my epidural and slept for a while in between contractions. Honest to God, I have no recollection if Nana and Eric stayed, or just Eric or just Nana.

It was a restless night. I was a day from my due date and just wanted it to be over.

The story of Sam's name:
Samuel comes from my great-grandfather on my paternal grandmother's side. It was a middle name, but we liked it for a first name.
Anthony is Eric's middle name as well as his dad's. FIL actually goes by Tony.

So, while I had a restless night ahead of me, I at least had an email from my sister wishing me luck, my mom, and my husband.

Around 10p.m. I was begging for food. Prior to my 11a.m. appt, I'd had poptarts for breakfast. Nothing since. So, the dr came to check me. Yeah, 3cm. *rolling eyes*

My mom went down to find some microwave food for was actually decent mac-n-cheese.

More tomorrow....the day of his birth!

Friday, July 15, 2011

honey banana whole wheat bread

OH MY YUMMINESS! Will come back to post a picture.

Maybe I'll actually get my bathroom cleaned today. The boys' bathroom is fairly clean as is their bedroom, but their closet is a freaking disaster zone. I have a mini war zone in the kitchen from making bread, but at least the dishwasher is clean.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

So far today............

I fed the boys and then took them to Walmart to check a few things off my list, cleaned up the disaster that was known as the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, made a double-batch of laundry soap, put together a floor lamp, and hung a wall clock.....all before noon.

The rest of the day SHOULD include:
washing our sheets
making two loaves of white wheat; the other banana at least I have ingredients now
wiping down the table
sewing the other half of a large quilt
designing/sewing a tooth fairy pillow for Sam (he picked fabric to match his tec me blanket)

LIBRARY to update my resume so I can stop copying and pasting into a Notepad document. We don't have Office on either computer and I don't like the Open Office programs. So I'll be going to the local library this afternoon while my boys relax with Daddy.

I'd like to clean the bathroom, but I don't see that one happening.

I am happy to report, however, I checked off a floor lamp for the living room and a desk lamp for the bedroom this morning. I will be SOOOOOOOO glad when we have light in those rooms tonight. and it was so nice!

Updated at 11:20 p.m. with what I accomplished today. VERY happy with decision to go to library.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today is day number TWO

Of Henry spending 2+ hours in his room and not sleeping. OKay, yesterday, he did in fact fall asleep at 2:35....having been in there since noon.

And I'm a HORRIBLE mommy because I checked on him, smelled the stench and decided to leave him be. I cannot change that child with a poopy diaper while he is sleeping, certainly not when he's only been asleep for 10 minutes. Sure enough, I had to hose him down because it was front to back. We're doing a juice reduction day today. AS in less than 2 oz. He's NEVER been like this unless sick, so we'll have to see what else comes my way.

However, he's still awake after 3 hours and I'm not getting him. It's quiet around here. I'm getting some Tec Me Quilts stuff done and Sam has read to me and practiced writing his numbers and name. (5 weeks off has done a ton of harm to his handwriting, I am 100000000% convinced he's a natural leftie)

I made bread!!!

Here's the recipe for my Breadman. I love this recipe. It makes AWESOME toast, but wouldn't use it for french toast, the density seems to just absorb all the egg. But add some Nutella and oh my, I'm in heaven.

I lay out all my ingredients first. It just seems to be time-saving for me. Kind of like on the cooking shows. I just know if I take my time to measure out everything first, I don't worry about screwing up the recipe while I'm trying to count out 6 tsp of yeast, kwim? And yes, it's also in the order I have to put it in the pan. The water and oil were measured out when I needed them, which was first. Then sugar, salt, baking soda, bread flour, wheat flour, bread machine yeast.

Everything's in the pan, the pan is in the maker. This particular setting makes a 2-lb loaf in 59 minutes. Which is great because I can set it up during nap time and by dinner we can have cooled, fresh bread!!

The finished product!! Absolutely the best loaf I've ever made. It came out of the pan easily, the mixer thingy even stayed in the pan, not the loaf. I don't have a cooling rack, so I made my own using my grease splash guard and a dinner plate. LOL Worked out great.

Fwiw, I've made bread a bunch of times before....I just wanted to document it this time.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Found a new place to order fabrics~

And I already have new ideas running through my head, including Tooth Fairy pillows since Sammy lost his first tooth this afternoon. Head over to the new Fabric Fairy site and check it out. They have fabrics, notions, patterns and MORE! And can check out Fabric Fairy on Facebook too!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sam & HJ updates

Sam's repeating kindergarten this fall, but it will be a completely different program in a totally different state/district. In fact, it will be full day and he'll eat lunch with the same kids he spends all day with.

His speech is coming clearer every day and most people that don't know him really don't notice the delays. Until they see him around other 5/6 year olds and then it becomes more apparent. He's doing a bit more toe-walking and excited jumping, but really, it's only while he's playing a game on the Wii. We make him sit down and that usually works for a while.

His eating habits are improving. I sneak in things like pork by telling him it's "special chicken nuggets". I finally have him eating ham regularly on pizza. We've eliminated nightshades from his diet almost completely. Daddy lets him sneak chips or fries on occasion, but for the most part he gets the whole "not Sammy safe" explanation. I guess it's kind of helped that he has friends with nut allergies at school.

We're noticing a difference in his eczema. It's just amazing....especially when three days after chips or fries, his legs are all red and bumpy again. We read labels carefully. Certain things are okay, like Cheetohs and Goldfish, but others like CheezIts are not. His favorite foods right now are pizza (just ham and cheese), cookies, green beans, peas, and watermelon. His favorite drinks are chobby (chocolate milk) and Crystal Light Focus Natural Citrus Splash (after discovering mine!).

We also see a difference in his understanding. Granted, we still see temper tantrums, but he seems to be catching on to other ideas and remembering things more easily. Since alkaloids affect the neurotransmitters and we're eliminating them.....his brain is seeing more activity. Can't wait to talk to his neuro about it!!

Shirts: 6/7
Pants: 4/5 with elastic band....the 6/7 fall right off
Shoes: 12.5
Height: 44"
Weight: 46 lbs

Henry has a re-eval for speech on August 2 down in Lakeland. Sucks we have to drive that far since Orlando is much closer, but I get the whole county jurisdiction I guess. I'd rather take him to Celebration Health and have him see whoever they have there now. It's only a few miles from us.

I'd say his speech is understood by me about 75% of the time and by everyone else about 40-50% of the time. But I'm with him 100% of the time these days. I credit sending him to day care for a few months earlier this year with his development. He is definitely a kid that needs the social interaction with kids his own age. I have a friend that is moving to the area later this month with kids between the that should be much better for both of mine!

HJ is constantly telling us he has to go potty, but just wants to play in there. I wish there was a way to do the 3-day PT trick, but with carpeting? I don't dare try it. I really think he'd get it.

Henry is my good eater, will eat just about anything, except kiwi and green beans. He loves raw carrots, squash, hotdogs, and cookies. His favorite drinks are milk and juice.

Shirts: 3T
Pants: 2T
Shoes: 8
Height: not really sure
Weight: 29 lbs

Friday, July 8, 2011

As I return to blogging

I'm left wondering what to write. Some say I write too much personal. But this is my blog to write, not theirs.

Ask my parents and my siblings, I've been an open book for as long as I could open my mouth. I've learned to filter, but probably not as much as I should. However, I also believe that if you don't tell someone that you are having a problem, then they can't help you.

This is a concept I've struggled with for a LONG time. I don't know exactly how to ask someone for help. Especially asking for help and then letting go of the idea that someone is actually going to help me and it might not be exactly the way I want it done.

Take my husband for example. He tries so hard to help me sometimes. but I get after him about doing it wrong, then he just gives up. Today, I took the boys shopping, came home with two gallons of milk. Eric just pops them into the fridge. Not bothering to bring the near empty container to the front. So, I just told him "thanks for helping, babe, but things need to go in certain places."

I have few friends that I have asked for help and that know me well enough to say "how do you want it done?" or "Is this way okay?"

I know it's a control freak thing. A counselor once told me that the less someone tries to help me, the more controlling I become. That I need to accept the help and let it be.

Much easier said that done.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updated pictures!

Henry, 2 years 4 months

Sam, 5 years 11 months

Unlimited money, I would buy the following at.....

2 Trofast with shelves, not bins
kitchen utensils
11" square fry pan (perfect for cheese quesadillas for Sammy)
another set of black dishes because I refuse to buy anymore paper plates
another set of kids plates because they are great for lunches
a roll of paper for the easel
some kind of storage ottoman
three sets of wooden hangers
lightweight covers for the boys' beds (they love their dinosaur comforters but they're heavy)
might even look at some fabric!

Bed Bath & Beyond
Tervis Tumblers--enough for each of us to have two
drawer silverware drawer is an atrocity right now (~$60)

lamps 7/14/11
shorts--living in FL you need more than 2 pair
removable shower Eric doesn't have to constantly move ours
trash can for the kitchen
2 laundry baskets or even a laundry sorter
grill pan (square stove top pan for grilling---I want some grilled salmon!)
welcome mat
kitchen mat
bath mat for the boys' bathroom (fishy pattern)

curtains & tension rod I found last week for the boys' room (total $25)
rug for under our dining room table ($20)
Ivory soap to make homemade laundry soap
Aveeno baby
Oil of Olay Ribbons (pink) 7/14/11

Nutella (best deal anywhere)
BOB books for Sammy. Have two sets, just need the other three.
trash bags
ziploc bags of all sizes

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on Casey Anthony

1. She's guilty

2. The jurors had an incredibly tough job. The law does not allow for what we believe to be admitted as evidence. If so, Casey would be looking at a death penalty right now, not walking out of jail with time served. (Because you know that's what is going to happen.....4 counts of lying to law enforcement, each carrying a MAXIMUM sentence of 1 year. She's been in jail three years now.)

3. The media sensationalized this case from the start. Didn't help that we had people like John Morgan, Jose Baez, and Leonard Padilla involved either. Add in Nancy Grace and you've got America tuned in for YEARS.

4. If a parent can be prosecuted for their child skipping school, then a parent who fails to report their missing for 30+ days should also be prosecuted for neglect and abuse.

5. If a parent LIES to police about the whereabouts of dead child, causing time, money and volunteer efforts to be wasted searching for said child, she should be held criminally liable for any resources that could have been used to search for and/or save other missing children.

6. The entire state of Florida is NOT to blame for Caylee's death or Casey being found not guilty. That was decided by a jury of her "peers". Please see #2.

7. A jury of her peers would have included more women with young children, not saying all 12 jurors should have fit this, but more of them.

8. If you wish to blame someone for Casey winning her case, blame the Prosecution. They didn't provide enough information, viable evidence, or shoot holes through the Defense's claims of a drowning and of abuse.

9. I don't believe for one hot second George Anthony abused his daughter. She has been proven to be a pathological liar. I do believe that he has known for some time that his daughter was involved in Caylee's death and couldn't prove it.

10. Cindy Anthony is undoubtedly involved in this just as much as Casey. I'm sorry, but who the hell (aside from a teacher or student work on a project) googles "chorophyll"???

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I need to revisit this

this post and experiment needs to be revisited. by both of us.

Now see that's more like it


I want to move. BADLY

I found three great places at great prices.

IF you know me, you know why I'd hesitate. I've placed calls and emails....hopefully somethign will come through!

maybe even a full-time spot at the bank.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Henry is a busy body

As in his body is always busy!!! He's so curious about everything. He acts like each morning he wakes up, it's all new again. Forget the fact that we've been living with my parents for nearly two years now. the only thing he is sure about is there are ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. (btw, if you have little ones.....a bottom freezer might not work out so well if you don't have latches. he's in the freezer 6-7 times a day until he gets ice cream. can't tell you how many times we've actually caught him trying to unwrap one!)

Sam is consipiring with his BFF at school for a playdate, already has his teachers convinced that I've scheduled it today. And it doesn't matter which "today" it is, it's always TODAY. So I finally wrote a note last night to the mom to ask for a time to get together.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Patience and return calls pay off!

So, last summer I took Sam to see Alvin & the Chimpmunks or maybe it was Shrek 4. Doesn't matter. I was paying for our tix and the kid asked "anything else I can help with?"

I jokingly replied, "yeah, if you know anyone who does day care in Mason, I'm all ears."

To which he said, "my mom does it!"

So I took his number and forgot for a couple of weeks. I finally called her, but unfortunately at the time, Henry was still an "infant" and she didn't have room.

Well, last night I called her again. when I told her my name, she asked if I was the one that talked to her son at the theater. When I said I was, she said, "I'm so glad you called, I've had an opening but couldn't find your number!"

She knew Henry was turning 2 after the first of the year and he'd fit into her designation then.

So, YAY!!!!! We can do full or part-time, and fi she has space I might be able to do Sam too this summer. Her husband is a teacher for the district and helps then.

I'm so very excited, she's just blocks from us!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sam's health

After a particularly volatile sickness event back in December, I told the pediatrician here that I had had enough. I couldn't continue to change sheets three times in a month, even if it was 3-5 weeks apart now. (fabulous considering how many times I had to do it in a single week when he was a baby)

Well, we finally had the appointment iwth the pediatric GI this past week. We did a full medical review starting with his failure to gain appropriately, all the formulas we tried, the barium swallow at 8 months, everything. We talked about whether Sam had headaches, the timing of the vomiting (almost always after he'd been in bed for a while), the foods Sam would actually eat, and even what might stress Sammy out. ( about reading the last paragraph of the previous blog entry)

Anyway, he ordered a full blood draw to include food allergies, thyroid, celiac and some other things.

He also has scheduled a full endoscopy inthe OR. This is because it's safer in the OR for a child of his age and with his delays. After the scope is done, they will insert a tube in Sam's nose that will go down the back of his throat and esophagus all the way to the little opening. It's a 24-hour probe that will track how many times, if any, that Sam refluxes. Sometimes, they don't do it at all even though there's other signs (hence the reasoning for doing it at the same time as the endo). Other times, kids will have repeated refluxes. Anthing over 50 is considered "failing".

The dr's best explanation for Sam is either night reflux or allergy-related reflux. Between the blood draw and the two tests scheduled for April 27, we should find out which it is, or possibly something entirely different.

At the same time, we have also cut out nightshades from Sam's diet. He no longer eats potatoes, tomatoes, or other foods from that family. We did this to see if it would have an impact on his eczema and after a very scary incident that I personally believe tied back to a fresh, raw tomato. His legs are smoother and the eczema patches are relatively gone. I haven't been great about reading labels, but just the elimation of fries, spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce have made a huge difference.

update on the boys

Okay, so it's been a while.'s gotten a bit busy. Here's a 6-month update......

Sam (aka Duck)
Sam is loving kindergarten this year. His teacher is incredible and we are just so lucky to have had her this year. He loves to tell stories, asks what letters different words start with, and has progressed from squiggles for his name to clearly writing each letter. (the "S" is backward most of the tiem, but it's still a distinct letter) Tonight he sat trying to read Dinosaurs Love Underpants to me. We read it probably 3-4 nights a week and he has the gist of it down fairly well.

We get a new book from school each week that is supposed to be easy enough for him to learn and that's going well. We're workign on the difference between letters and words. Of course "I" and "a" are a bit troublesome, but he's learning that if it's more than one letter, it must be a word. Sight words are coming along. Need to work on that a bit more.

Sam can count to 20 fairly well, though 14-16 trips him up.

Due to his delays and low muscle tone, Sam struggles with his pencil grip. This makes writing a challenge sometimes. His teacher has goen so far as to write the words for him in highlighter so he can trace them. It's a bit easier to see than dotted lines, but at the same time, he has to pay attention to what he's doing because she does use yellow, not blue or green.

Sam will do a "bonus" year of kindergarten next fall. We're all good with that decision and I'm hoping that we'll get him into a program this summer that will help retain the skills he learned, so he can at least not start completely over.

Henry (aka biscuit or biscuit butt)
I don't know how my dad came up with either of those names, I call Henry "turkey" because he's my little butterball. At 9.5 pounds, I think he weighed more than any turkey I cooked during our 5 years in Florida.

Henry is receiving speech therapy services through EI. While not anywhere near the same level of delay that Sam has/had, Henry is behind his age peers. He turned two last month and wow, I guess I'd have to sit down and think about what words he actually has. I mean, it's quite a few. He does a lot of mimicking, which is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to see/hear.

He does, however, have one hell of a mean streak and temper. I think once we get him back in day care, we'll see that improve because he won't be bored. With Sam gone all day at school, it leaves Henry with the run of hte house, which is good that he doesn't have anyone to compete with for Nana's attention, but it's bad because he doesn't have a pint-sized playmate either.

(should have seen them tonight.....they were playing ring around the rosie in the kitchen tonight and aside from Sam going a little fast, they were doing it really well and without fighting.)

Where I think we did a better job as parents was getting Henry tubes much earlier than Sam had them. Sam's were put in July 09 just before his 4th birthday. Henry got them in June 10 at 16 months of age.

Henry's favorite words are cookie, more, milk, and tick-tock (for all faced clocks).

and us.......
Our seventh anniversary is coming up next month. SEVEN YEARS!

There's so much I could write here, but every time I try, I either say too much, say something stupid or I start crying. So, I will tell you this: IT SUCKS living apart. It sucks that we felt we had to make the decisions that were made, regardless of what they were. It also sucks because we are really trying to make a plan to be back under one roof and the finances just never seem to work out right.

on sweet potatoes......

First, to the mommy that commented back in January I apologize for not getting back here sooner about Duck's sweet potato allergy. The first time he had sweet potatoes, Sam had a single streak across his face. A few days later we tried them again and he was head to toe with hives, his face swollen. It was the only new food he'd had all week and the only other foods he was eating were Nutramigen (hypoallergenic formula) and rice cereal.

Three years ago, we were in a buffet-style restaurant and picked up what had been labeled "pumpkin pie" for Sam and it turned out to be sweet potato pie. Thankfully we were around the corner from our apartment because by the time we'd gotten home, he had small hives on his stomach.

Sweet potatoes are not a common allergy, but it does exist.