Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I hate Mondays

Yes I know today is Tuesday, but if you were off yesterday for Memorial Day, you know that today is really Monday. Then tomorrow will be back to Wednesday. I hate three day weekends. Sure I love the idea of them.....I even like getting a ton of stuff done.

What I don't like is the morning after a three-day weekend. Because ya know what? Routined toddlers with delays are a complete MESS the morning after a three-day weekend.

That's all I'm really going to say about that.

Oh and we're back to cycle day #1 a whopping 6 days earlier than expected. Maybe we'll hear from the RE today about test results. It's been one bumpy ride for the last 24 hours.

I hate Mondays.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Homemade cleaning products....

So, my friend Lorrie is a very frugal mommy, she shares all her gems with our local moms groups and well, I decided that I want to save money somehow. In fact, I'm always looking for EASY ways to save money. Don't tell me to clip coupons because well, I forget I have them.

For example, I've had the same $5 coupon for Zyrtec in my bag for the children's bottle. I've bought THREE bottles of the stuff at $11 a bottle.....and forgot the coupon every.single.time by the time I got to the cash register.

Yesterday, I had another $10 in coupons in Duck's diaper bag, bought items specifically because I had a coupon, but because it was just me and Duck, I totally forgot about the coupons because I was too busy loading groceries into the cart. (NOTE: I really do enjoy grocery shopping by myself, but I hate bringing the crap into the apartment by myself....I'll be glad when Duck is a little bigger to carry things in.)

Anyway, Lorrie recently reposted the following recipes and I thought, what.the.heck.I'

I've given my own little 5-star rating to each recipe I tried and a reasoning afterward.

*2 bars of soap-grated (something like Ivory)
1 cup BORAX

Mix well and store in an airtight plastic container.
Use 2 tablespoons per full load.

It's only ****½ because it took me a bit to figure out that I was grating the soap wrong. The only direction I would add is to grate the soap using the large round circles of a cheese grater, mix with the soda and borax, then blend in a blender or Magic Bullet. (I used my bullet and it's FANTASTIC!)

The stuff really works too. Ever tried to get watermelon stains out? And you don't need much of it. And, you can still add OxiClean, Lysol or a pre-treater to it!

next time it will get *****

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER NA-haven't made it yet
1/2 tablespoon washing soda(baking soda will work)
2 tablespoons BORAX
1/2 tablespoon dish soap
3 cups HOT WATER

mix all the above put in a spray like 409...only cost about 50 cents to make VS.3.00 a bottle

FABRIC SOFTENER (mix three parts to 1 part) *****
3 parts water
one part fabric softener
a small sponge or a wash cloth (I'm using one of Duck's baby washcloths)

use just like a dryer sheet...put sponge in the MIX wring out good toss on clothes in dryer.

Okay, I don't like having to wring it out each time and have to repeatedly wash my hands, especially since I don't have a sink in my laundry room. But, the clothes come out smelling SO SO GOOD! This one gets a full ***** stars to start because I cna make a bottle of Target softener last three times as long now!

Best part about this stuff, though? NO MORE FIBERGLASS in my dryer from dryer sheets!

1 bar of ivory soap
1/4 cup uncooked oats

Run the oatmeal thru a blender to make it FINE

grate the soap and then heat the soap for a few seconds in the microwave to soften it add the ground oatmeal and form into whatever shape you would like. Be careful to check it often so you don't overheat and burn yourself. you want it warm and pliable.

I was told after I made this to add a little bit of water to help with the initial consistency. I took mine and divided it up into four small balls, then flattened. I have nice handsoap now.

Moral of the blog today: Make what you can! It's super easy and you'll use stuff you have anyway.

Oh, and I probably only spent $15 on all the stuff I needed and it will last me months and months.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Duck has two sequnces involving dancing

"twirl, twirl, twirl, jump, jump, jump, happy feet, happy feet, happy feet" has been going on for a few months now. however, he will no longer do it on command or as a performance, it's only as the mood strikes him and ONLY if Mommy does it too.

the new one? this is how you know your child watches WAY too much television:
"NO!, man!, YAY!, I did it dance"

If you don't recognize it, it's either because you live in the dark ages or you don't know a single toddler that's been able to force you to watch an entire episode of Dora the Explorer.

"NO!" is to Swiper

"man!" is Swiper

"YAY!" is Dora and Boots excited that they stopped Swiper

and the "I did it dance" complete with arm swinging comes at the end of every episode.

Kid knows more Spanish than me and E combined from watching Dora and Diego.


Getting the apartment settled more and more each day. I broke down and bought new S hooks for my pans to hang in the laundry room. I even bought screw-in J-hooks and hung up my reusable grocery bags. I love the Publix ones, but I also have the Chico ones. I like that the Publix ones will stand on their own and I seem to get more in them. BUT, the Chicco ones fold in on themselves.....kind of like those jackets we used to have when were know the ones that the pocket turned into a carry-case for the jacket?

Anyway, I also hung up our family pictures. I tried to find new frames at Target last night but couldn't. They might have discontinued their cheapy style, which is a bummer, because I loved them. I saw some at Walmart, but they were too dark and I'd have to buy 6 to replace the 5 I have in order for them all to match.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

he said CAKE!

More than once, and in front of TWO other adults not his daddy or his therapist.

I went to visit my friend Jenn and her family today. I took a cake (among other things) and when Jenn cut it.........I asked Duck if he wanted some cake. He looked at it and said "cake" and it was plain as day, crystal clear. So much for no CVC sounds. He hit both the hard C and the K sounds. Probably three or four times before he started getting sick of me asking him to say it. He just wanted his cake! (it was chocolate, what can I say?)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Duck's Development Update

Ms. B says Duck's still struggling with the CVC and two-word phrases, but he's definitely progressing rapidly these days. It's only double consonant words where we hear two consonants, like mama, dada or na-nigh. As for two-word phrases, he has hi dada and see you down pat. Thank you is coming along.

The big news? He's starting to drop signs and pick up their verbal counterpart! Please is still difficult for him, but it's more because of the pl- beginning. Duck tries to say p(L)ease, but he knows that's not right, so he doesn't say it.

I C&P'd from my March 31 Duck's Progress and just moved things around. The words in blue is what's new in the last two months, but I'm sure there's more, though. I'll edit and update later tonight.

Na-nigh (night night)
You (with and without pointing at you)
Joos (juice or anything in a cup really)
Do-go (Go Diego Go)
Oh-dah (Dora)
Oh no
Eye (sounds more like "ah")
Ball (for anything round, including a tomato)
(Ba)nana ---God forbid I walk by the bananas at Publix or Walmart and not buy 2 or 3
Ah Deedee (I did it)
SSSShhhhh (rare, but it's complete with finger at mouth)
See You
Cookie (has dropped signing it)
Toodles (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Whew (complete with hand at head, this comes from Diego's Octapus episode)
Hmmm (with pointer finger at chin as if contemplating)

All done

Thank you

I think the other big development would be we were watching A Christmas Story (he loves that movie) and it came to the part where Flick is stuck to the flag pole. The look on Duck's face was GREAT. His breathing got shallow and quick, like he might cry. His face was really sad and he looked at me, said some jibberish and I just replied, "I don't know you'll have to watch." And he turned back to the tv and waited for the good outcome. When that came, he got a big grin on his face.


Won't matter how many times Duck sees that movie, he'll do that every time now.

He'll get his shoes if told to do so (of course it's the Sponge Bob ones). I'm working on "get your shoes and take them to Daddy".

Up 0.8 pounds

That's what I get for eating peanut M&Ms like they were the only food on the planet and for not getting much exercise over two weeks.

But I'm still down 5.6 pounds overall since April 10, I will not let this make me stop. It just means I have to make better choices. I saw a sign downtown today there's a Farmer's Market one day a week. Hmmm, might have to head there to see what kind of fresh food I can get there. I've been snacking on fresh green beans lately. mmmmmmm, I love raw green beans.

It's a 3-day weekend for me. I'm hoping to get some more done at home. I get to see one of my closest friends tomorrow. She has the SWEETEST little girls!! FOUR of them. Beautiful and sweet. I can't wait.

Then I get two whole days at home with Duck! I'll post more apartment pictures this weekend too. Now that we're getting more settled, I feel up to it! I love our new place, I really do.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random thoughts

I like ice cream.

I like tacos.

I REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY like chocolate. And apparently, my husband knows this and refuses to admit that I'm in WW, trying to lose weight and so he buys another 6 lb bag of peanut M&Ms. DA (not explaining that one)

I love my job.

I'm a clock-watcher, in fact, I have two alarm clocks.

I'm an anal-retentive control freak perfectionist a Virgo.

Duck is my life and my love all the time....and he likes ice cream almost as much as I do. (just hasn't had the practice or exposure) He can even say ice cream now!!!

E is my life and love sometimes. JK.....I always love him, sometimes I just don't like him very much. That's okay....I'm a Virgo so I know he doesn't like me sometimes, just the ebb and flow of every day marriage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not PDD or Autism

Well, no evidence of meeting the criteria. That's what the developmental pediatrician said.

He also said it's imperative we seek genetic counseling since we want to have another baby and with Duck's delays and Aidan being Autistic, we should do it. I'm on the fence about it, really. Don't know what to think or do. I initially asked Dr. L at the RE's office and ya know....he wasn't concerned as long as Duck's tests were coming back normal.

I still have to redo Duck's urine test and the dev. pedi is recommending muscle enzyme tests. Anyone know anything about that?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Aidan designing our shirt?

Interesting suggestion....will have to take that up with his mom. He's an incredibly talented artist, loves dinosaurs, the planets and Buzz Lightyear and Woody. (though I think those last two might have changed recently.)

Among other things.............Daytona was a blast this weekend. No major incidents and well, my little Duck proved his nickname once again. Remember way back when that I told you he has webbed toes thanks to Nana? (See Here I Am for a photo) Well, this weekend, my little Duck put his face fully in the water and started kicking to swim. Course at one point, he moved into a dolphin kick (kind of like trying to do the butterfly).

Duck also got enema #3 this weekend (the others were in July and September last year.) I hate those things. But, there was no way that kid was going on his own. So, we're back to packing lunch for the sitter's. I think he's so sensitive to binding foods. But my good fortune is that he likes Flat Outs which are a GREAT source of fiber and he likes fruit. At least I have my jabbering Duck back and he's eating again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cousins for a Cure


Cousins for a Cure
is now an official team for the Orlando Walk Now for Autism walk set for November 15, 2008. We're currently working on a design for our shirts. Duck and I are for sure walking and would love to have your support. Donations can be made directly on the site (easiest way) or with a form available on our site.

Our team goal this year is $1,000 with a $500 goal for each of us.

As soon as I have a t-shirt design, we'll determine how we'll produce them. (one suggestion came in for and making them fully available to family and friends....but would you buy one?)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love FreeCycle

If you haven't discovered the joys of need to. It's a Yahoo group and they're ALL OVER the country. Here in the central FL area, I think we have 4 or 5. It's all FREE stuff. You can even ASK for items and the only stipulation is that the item is FREE.

I gave away 30+ boxes last night to someone trying to clean out a storage unit. I was just happy to get them out of the apartment so Duck would stop building climbing towers out of them.

No, not trying to stifle his creativity, just his reach and ability to climb on top of my stove.

Anyway, the couple that came to get the boxes was super nice, took! And she didn't want them broken that saved me time.

I've given away several things that way. It's how I got Duck's infant bathtub after he was born. Couldn't see spending the money something he'd use a few months. Didn't use it even that long, he hated it. I wound up bathing with him from about 6 weeks til he could sit up on his own.

A lot of people don't want to bother with garage sales (or they live in an apartment) or they don't want to deal with Craigslist. (though CL has a free section, too) It's really like an online garage sale without all the prep. you can let people come to your home, meet them in a public place, whatever you choose. How you select who gets your item depends on you. Definitely a genius idea.

So, look up FreeCycle the next time you need something.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Autism and vaccinations.....*rolling eyes*

Families will make case for vaccine link to autism

By KEVIN FREKING, Associated Press Writer Mon May 12, 7:34 AM ET

WASHINGTON - The Institute of Medicine said in 2004 there was no credible evidence to show that vaccines containing the preservative thimerosal led to autism in children. But thousands of families have a different take based on personal experience

Some of them are going to court Monday as attorneys will attempt to show that the mercury-based preservative triggers symptoms of autism.

Two 10-year-old boys from Portland, Ore., will serve as test cases to determine whether many of the children and their families should be compensated. Attorneys for the boys will attempt to show the boys were happy, healthy and developing normally — but, after being exposed to vaccines with thimerosal, they began to regress.

Thimerosal has been removed in recent years from standard childhood vaccines, except flu vaccines that are not packaged in single-doses. The CDC says single-dose flu shots currently are available only in limited quantities. In 2004, a committee with the Institute of Medicine concluded there was no credible evidence that vaccines containing thimerosal caused autism.

Overall, nearly 4,900 families have filed claims with the U.S. Court of Claims alleging that vaccines caused autism and other neurological problems in their children. Lawyers for the families are presenting three different theories of how vaccines caused autism.

The Office of Special Masters of the claims court has instructed the plaintiffs to designate three test cases for each of the three theories — nine cases in all — and has assigned three special masters to handle the cases. Three cases in the first category were heard last year, but no decisions have been reached.

The two cases beginning Monday are among the three that focus on the second theory of causation: that thimerosal-containing vaccines alone cause autism. The plaintiff in the third case originally scheduled for hearing this month has withdrawn and lawyers and court officials are working to agree on substitute case.

Hearings in the test cases for the third theory of causation are scheduled in mid-September.

Lawyers for the petitioning families in the cases being heard this month say they will present evidence that injections with thimerosal deposit a form of mercury in the brain. That mercury excites certain brain cells that stay chronically activated trying to get rid of the intrusion.

"In some kids, there's enough of it that it sets off this chronic neuroinflammatory pattern that can lead to regressive autism," said attorney Mike Williams.

In the end, the families' attorneys hope to convince the special master hearing their case that thimerosal belongs on the list of causes for the inflammation that leads to regressive autism.

To win, the attorneys for the two boys, William Mead and Jordan King, will have to show that it's more likely than not that the vaccine actually caused the injury.

Many members of the medical community are skeptical of the families' claims. They worry that the claims about the dangers of vaccines could cause some people to forgo vaccines that prevent illness.

"I think that what's so endearing to me about the anti-vaccine people, is they're perfectly willing to go from one hypothesis to the next without a backward glance," said Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Autism is a developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and affects a person's ability to communicate and interact with others. Dr. Andrew Gerber, a psychiatrist, said that medical experts don't have a comprehensive understanding of what causes autism, but they do know there is a strong hereditary component.

Toxins from the environment could play a role, but currently, data does not support that they do, Gerber said.

Arguments are scheduled to go on throughout the month. A final decision could take several more months. Claims that are successful would result in compensation taking into account lost earnings after age 18 and up to $250,000 for pain and suffering.

The families or the federal government can also appeal the decision of the special master to the Court of Federal Claims or to a federal appeals court.

The court Web site says more than 12,500 claims have been filed since creation of the program in 1987, including more than 5,300 autism cases, and more than $1.7 billion has been paid in claims. It says there is now more than $2.7 billion in a trust fund supported by an excise tax on each dose of vaccine covered by the program.


On the Net:

Background on thimerosal trial:

**DISCLAIMER: The thoughts here are MY OWN**

I don't buy it. A case study in California showed that if thimerisol was to blame, then there would be a DECREASE over the past 10-15 years, not the INCREASE we've been seeing. 1 in 150 children. Wow, seems like a lot more to me since they've STOPPED using it.

I don't think it has ANYTHING to do with the vaccines we are giving our children. I think it has to do with vaccines that we were given as children.

Think about it. A woman is born with only the amount of egg cells that she will have for her entire life. It contains her DNA. When you mess with DNA such as with a vaccine, you also mess with the egg cells carrying that DNA and thus, half the DNA of any child born to that woman. i'm not saying place the blame on mothers. Because my son would have half my DNA, thus his children would have 1/4 of my DNA.

So, if I had a thimerisol-laced vaccination as a child, it would mess up my egg cells......furthering my children's ODDS for developing a developmental delay such as Autism.

Most parents of Autistic children I know don't how, they just want to know how to give their child the BEST possible life they can have. And ultimately, isn't that what we all want for our children?

Of course, I'd certainly appreciate the stares and rude comments to stop about my son's behavior, but my goodness, he is TWO.

(We were at Disney yesterday and they made us put his shoes on INSIDE and ON CARPET. I only obliged because I understood where they were coming from....luckily for us, it was an easy day. But, first, I can't hold Disney liable for my son's injury sine I work there and it's my responsibility as his parent to protect him from such injury. Second, UM was carpeted and inside. Are they saying that they dont' keep it clean enough for a child to go barefoot? Are they saying that my delayed son who is SO incredibly excited to see Mickey after a 30 minute wait in line has to STOP, put on his shoes and then he can see Mickey again, since they made me pull him away to put his shoes on?---thereby holding up the line behind us? He was so excited, the toe-walking and arm flapping was evident. And that's a RARE occurrence anymore. But, I guess we were lucky in that it was an AWESOME behavior day.....could have been much worse.)

Anyway, I don't believe that the vaccinations given in the last 10-15 years are to blame, I think if it's a genetic link, then it goes back at least one generation, if not more. they haven't tied a prevalence to families (YET), but I do know they are researching it. And until pediatric neurologists and developmental pediatricians start working with OB/GYNs and REs........we really won't know what's causing it or how to prevent/cure it.

Additionally, I truly think it's the ADD of this decade. It's a catch-all, nothing-else-fits diagnosis. We know Duck's not Autistic, but we don't know what IT is yet. Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Aphasia and Apraxia all present in the SAME way.....but again, they're elimination diagnoses. (my money's on CAPD with Duck lately....though Apraxia fits, too.)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs?

yeah, Duck HATES them. Usually chicken nuggets are my standby. He ate EVERY.SINGLE.PEA on his plate and left all the chicken. I tasted one......nowI know why. GROSS.

So, we'll go back to the Tyson Anytizer Chicken Fries. He'll actually eat 4 of those (compared with 2 Banquet chicken nuggets).

He's finally sleeping, I think. Took me forever to get him down for a nap......about 1½ hours.

My friend called me this week to tell me she's pregnant. I am so very happy for her. It's unexpected, so she was wary of telling me given what we're experiencing. I just told her I'm okay because they did want this baby. It's just a little sooner than they'd hoped.

And ya know what, I am okay with it. we're not at the magic 35 yet. The meds are doing their thing. And really, if we get to December, then we'll start talking about not trying anymore. But I dn'tthink we're going to get that far. I try not to make plans anymore.

"Want to make God laugh? Make plans." All my life, I've been his biggest source of humor. I finally learned not to make plans. Kids happen.....then your plans go out the window. And even when kids don't happen, plans can still go out the window. I'm happy with my life as it is now....I'd like another child. I'd feel MORE complete with another child, but unlike some women I know and love.....I don't feel incomplete with just one child. I used to. But in recent weeks, I realize that having one child is not a bad thing, even if in your heart of hearts, another child would make you happy. Being happy with the child I have is so much more important.

And, even when he refuses to take a nap or when he spits water down his shirt (making Papa laugh hysterically) or even when he points at me and says "NO", I love him and I'm grateful for him and all that he's given me in my life.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Why is it that I ask the man to do a simple task and all I get is attitude and eye rolls? When we moved last week, we decided to finally pitch an old broken monitor. It's been broken for easily two years. I think we moved it broken the last time. It's a monstrosity of a Sony Trinitron monitor. Needs a new plug. I just want it GONE. We have a lightweight, flat screen Samsung monitor now. WHY would I need that other thing that probably weighs a good 100 pounds? Should have been thrown out when we moved in.

Why is it that Duck will be WIDE awake until the last 5 minutes before E gets home, then he wants to snuggle with Mommy? This means that as soon as E walks in, he's back to wide awake. I just want to be able to get him to bed by myself like I used to when E first started working this job.

Why am I hell-bent on regaining the 6.4 pounds I've already lost? It was a bad WW week. We went grovery shopping last week and E had to have M&Ms. Um, bad idea. I can't keep my fingers out of them. I have ZERO will power. When I lived alone, weight loss was easy. I ate when I was hungry, I ate mainly chicken, salads, fruit and cereal. And really, cereal wasn't all that common. My typical breakfast was a cheese and tomato omelette or two hard boiled eggs and some fruit. Anyway, my days were completely different when I lived alone.

WHY can't I do some of those things now??

When I was single I:
Walked 3-5 miles without fail. Three miles every morning, 2 miles at night 3-4 days a week.
The nights I didn't walk? I did Tae Bo at school with a friend.
Woke up at 5:30 a.m. to go walk and usually put a load of laundry in. By the time I was back from my walk, I could put the load in the dryer. I'd put my chicken in the oven to back while I was showering/getting ready and I have a freshly cooked piece for lunch or dinner every day.
I was in bed by 9:30, asleep by 10:00 nearly every night during the week. Okay, aside from the nights I had class in grad school, but mostly I went to bed early.

I should be able to do some of that now, but I can't for some reason. Guess I'm a slacker. Or just plain unmotivated.

I have to say that's where I'm a follower most of all. I dated this guy for a while. Head over heels in love for a good portion of our time together. I learned a lot about myself during that time.....and really that relationship set the stage for the rest of my life. Anyway, he was fairly athletic......a coach at that. (family will know who Im talking about). We would WALK and WALK and WALK. We did the Riverwalk in Lansing all the time. Eventually we did it from end to end. But, because he's at least 6' and athletic, you can imagine me at then 180lbs and 5'3 trying to keep up. I did it though. With the walking, eating better, and Tae Bo, I wound up losing 40+ pounds in about 6 months time. Think he noticed or said something? Nope. His sister did, but not him.

My point is that he made me WANT to be a better eater and to be more active.

I love E. Really, I do. But when it comes to this kind of's HARD. Probably the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. I just don't want to be a better eater or more active. Aside from Duck, I have no motivation.

I know, you're thinking Duck should be motivation enough. And a lot of times, he is. I'm sticking to my WW, still losing a little each week. I'm trying to take the stairs more, even if it's just the two flights up and my knees are grinding worse than gravel. But right now, eating is a big hinderance for me. In a way I wish we still lived in MI so that I could know the towns and area so I could feel 100% safe and familiar enough to walk at 5:30 in the morning. Sadly, I don't feel that way right now. Be nice even if I could drop Duck somewhere so I could go work out. Yeah, right.....I can't even get away for an hour to grocery shop by myself anymore.

OKay, I'll stop babbling now.

BTW, did ya VOTE?



then forward this blog to your friends. Please?

Not asking for donations......Just need help with a name.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


Vote for a team name, or leave a comment with a suggestion on this post. Be clever, be thoughtful......

Would like to include "cousins" or "duck and Aidan" in some way. We're doing the walk in honor of my nephew Aidan (and all our other friends out there with Autism diagnoses).


Yes, I'm talking about myself. I'm slacking on taking pictures and video of our move, slacking on getting some exercise and slacking on updating my blog.

I can get one thing done right now:

We moved in this weekend and we LOVE it. I've already unpackeda bout 30 boxes and even emptied one plastic bin. all of the groceries now have a home and it's not in my bedroom closet. I have an entire cupboard in the kitchen that's EMPTY.....never had that before. Have no fear, I do have items that need to go in it though.

Exercise? Um, yeah, I need to go back to walking every single day. And I'm not going to get my wekly walk in today because I really need to do something more wiht the 45 other boxes sitting around.

As I said on Monday, my HSG was normal. I still have 2 months to get pg on my own, then we start other medications. After this week of 2000 mg of Metformin and Doxycycline.....I'm hoping we don't have to add stomach's already turning over.

The move has been relatively smooth, however. just minor things here and there. (I mean aside from 60 degree A/C)

Duck's adjusting really well.....he loves the open floor plan and the fact that I haven't gated him out of the kitchen yet. (note to self: get new gate)

E's been doign REALLY well on Chantix the past week. He gave up his debit card last night so he's not tempted to buy any cigarettes. He's also taking Concerta now and he says he's more focused at work. Now, if I could only get him more focused at home. Baby steps right?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HSG is........


Totally awesome news, but all it means is that there's no structural reason things aren't getting through. I guess we just keep moving forward. I really hate when things come back "normal" when there's obviously something not normal. Oh well, "just keep swimming" and "buck up buttercup" are my new mottos in all this.

My little Duck.....he's so sweet most of the time. Today, however, not so much. Today, as I walked into his sitter's house, I see him attempting to bit another child. At least, to the "naked" eye, it looks like biting. I think he's trying to play a game that I play with him. I nuzzle my face into his jawline and growl. He giggles like crazy, then turns his head to expose the other cheek and brings my face down to his jaw and expects me to do it again. I think he's trying to do this to her. He doesn't do it with the other two kids, mainly because one's baby and the other is about a year older.

I'm just so sad about the whole situation. I never wanted to be the parent of a biter. and I just can't seem to get through to him that certain games are just for Mommy and Daddy.

He was quiet the entire way home tonight....he didn't babble, giggle or talk to me. I think he knew I was quite upset about what I'd seen. He didn't even whine at me once. And no, he didn't even have a pacifier. He just sat in the backseat with his eyes kind of glazed over from crying at the sitter's.

Duck is a sweet boy and he loves his friends, but he's just having a hard time understanding right now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adventures in moving

I have to say it here so someone out there will actually hold me to it. I will not move another box again. I will not pack another box again. The next time I want to move to a new location, I'm hiring packing/moving people and I'm going on vacation leaving someone else in charge.

It's taken four full days to get everything packed, moved and started to unpack. I spent 4 hours cleaning the old apartment this morning.