Monday, March 31, 2008

Claritin and Sudafed?

Please, SOMEONE comment and tell me how either one of these medications are a COUGH SUPPRESSANT!



I'm still hacking. I have no sinus congestion, I can completely breathe through my nose without problems. I'm not even sniffling anything. REALLY! It's this damn heaviness in my chest.

I told the dr about this LAST week. I tried late last week to get a suppressant stronger than the Halls I was sucking. If you read Saturday's post, then you know that I had a coughing fit so bad I puked my entire lunch. When I get started, I can't catch my breath.

It's bad when your spouse wants to call 911, ya know?

So, I ask, whattheheck, how is Claritin or Sudafed a cough suppressant?

Duck's Progress

Duck is 32 months old and here are his current stats:
26 pounds
~36" tall
wearing 2T or 3T shirts and 24 month shorts
~7.5 in shoes

Duck's current word lists. The letters in parentheses are not vocalized. For example, yuck is just "yuh" TOTAL: 34

Na-nigh (night night)
You (with and without pointing at you)
Eat (in conjunction with sign)
Joos (juice)
Do-go (Go Diego Go)
Oh-dah (Dora)
Oh no
Eye (sounds more like "ah")
Ball (for anything round, including a tomato)
(Ba)nana ---God forbid I walk by the bananas at Publix or Walmart and not buy 2 or 3
Ah Deedee (I did it)
SSSShhhhh (rare, but it's complete with finger at mouth)

All done
Thank you
working on Cheese

I would say it's pretty even on what's prompted and what's done on his own and appropriately.

He can identify his eyes, nose, mouth, hands and feet. He touches his head for hair or head, but won't say either word. He will open his mouth and say "ah" for the doctor when asked, as long as it's Dr. C.

He can almost get his shirt off by himself and does a pretty good job of pulling up his pants. Potty training will HAVE to wait at this time. And I think we're finally over the whole constipation thing. As long as pear juice and graham crackers are part of the daily diet, we're good.

He understands go to the table, get in your chair, and it's dinner time. We've had to go back to gating him out of the kitchen due to him getting into Friday night's dessert, so while he does understand it's milk time, he can't go to the kitchen to help get it.

He likes helping in the kitchen though. A few weeks ago, I let him help stir the cake mix. Tonight I did a hand-over-hand and we shredded cheese together for tacos.

And, mostly, he's the most affectionate little boy right now. It's like the floodgates opened up. He walks right over to me, wraps his legs around me and says, "mama."

Update on me

What did I have to eat today?
1 cup Cheerios
1/4 sliced almonds
1/2 Tbsp Smuckers honey
1 cup 2% lowfat milk
4 oz 4% milkfat Breakstone's cottage cheese

1/2 sandwich: 5 oz turkey, 2 slices Provolone cheese, 2 slices tomato, 2 Tbsp honey mustard on a white sub bun
7 oz Delmonte snack pack peaches
10 oz blue Gatorade watered down with ice and water

other half of above sandwich
10 oz blue Gatorade watered down with ice and water

2 tacos: taco shell, shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream
12 oz can Pepsi with ice

Of course, I totally forgot to take my meds with me this morning, so I will once again only be able to take one Met.

The doctor's office FINALLY called something in today for the cough. Have to go get it. They also called in an allergy med. So, we're off to the money pit, I mean Target.

E got me a pedometer, I'm up to 2600 steps today already. That's in just 11 hours. Think I can get another 7,000 before bed? Yeah, I didn't think so either. So, I guess Duck and I will start walking every day after dinner. It will be good for both of us. The other night we went around the buildings in the complex twice. He did really well just holding my hand.

I really need to get some weight off if we're going to really work at TTC #2. We see the RE on April 15th. I'm still pretty nervous. We've run the gambit of what we will and won't do. Course things changed when we found out the awesome insurance coverage we have. So, now it's kind up in the air til I see the doctor.

Total steps after Target trip and one trip around the buuldings: 3,868

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Levaquin & Sun really DON'T mix

So for the second time today, I had to apologize to Duck. We'd gone to a birthday party with pool and playground. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Central Florida, with the temp somewhere around 84 degrees. I've been taking Levaquin since Wednesday. Duck and I got something to eat before the party because I wasn't sure what was being served. We got there and then BAM.

I started the worst coughing I'd had since Thursday morning. Again, couldn't really catch my breath. Next thing I know, water's streaming down my cheeks and I'm trying really hard not to get sick. I got my friend (birthday boy's mom) to keep an eye on Duck in the kiddie pool and I went to the bathroom to puke my guts out. NO TP in the bathrooms! As I'm coughing and puking, I've also lost most of my bladder control. This lovely and fun aspect has gotten worse in the last week with this nasty cough.

I stayed as long as I could. I got Duck out of the pool and let him play some more on the playscape. He had SO MUCH FUN! I felt horrible about taking him away from the party, even before cake, pinata and presents. But I felt if I didn't, I'd be running to the bathroom to puke again. So, we gave our condolences to my friend and I walked out with a crying toddler and a very upset stomach.

He cried the majority of the way home holding his goodie bag. I apologized as much as I could. I felt completely horrible. First I make him get stuck with a needle TWICE this morning, then I make him leave a birthday party where he was having so much fun.

I finally pulled a sucker out of his goodie bag for him, which he happily ate with a tiny amount of whimpering. Less than 2 miles from home he fell asleep.

Still feeling absolutely gross from puking and practically wetting myself, I carried my sleeping Duck into his bedroom and laid him down. A little over an hour later, it's 5:15 and he's still sleeping and I still feel like crap.

I haven't even taken my Met yet today and I was supposed to start taking 3 a day today. I'll be lucky to get one in. When Duck gets up we have to go get groceries, so hopefully I'll get a meal in later where I can take one, then two tomorrow and then try 3 on Monday .

Apologies this morning

I apologize to all those nice people in the waiting room for having to hear my toddler screaming bloody murder as he was in the middle of a blood draw. I apologize to the phlebotomists who tried two times to get blood from my poor screaming toddler and couldn't.

But mostly I apologize to my poor toddler for putting him through that scary situation. I hate having my own blood drawn, I get queasy and dizzy most of the time. It's one reason I have such a hard time donating blood. So, to have to physically restrain my two year old was not my ideal way to start a weekend.

After two sticks and no blood, we gave up. We got our prescription back and they said to try the hospital. The hospital can get blood from areas the lab can't.

You can bet my first phone call Monday morning will be to Dr. D and his staff to see if we can get a prescription for a sedative. (one for me too)

Of course, a half hour after we got home, he was fine, running around, eating Cheerios and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I might actually make it to Best Buy today. Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, March 28, 2008

You know your child watches too much tv when

they put their hands to the sides of the head and say "oh no" just like the Wiggles. It's so nice to see the word explosion from Duck lately....but he just totally cracks me up sometimes.

We're alive, just sick

That's all I can say for now. Hopefully will post in the next couple of days.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Not-so-typical Monday Morning

Usually, Monday mornings are a mess at our house. Probably 75% of the time, I wind up canceling Duck's speech session. Ms J has come to accept that and is always excited when Duck is actually there on a Monday. Today, though, I was bound and determined to be different. I got Duck's stuff around last night, including juice and milk cups. I knew what each of us was wearing today and E's clothes for work were in the dryer.

We all managed to walk out of the apartment at 7:30. First time in months we've actually done this on a Monday morning.

Then, the neighbor lady needed help with her car. E being the nice guy he is, said he'd help. I got Duck out of his car and into mine and off we went to speech. E called me to say he was finally on his way and he'd meet me in the valet circle. So, as we're waiting in the lobby, Duck's bouncing around on a chair that I'm sitting on. All of a sudden he passes gas, grabs his crotch and says "tooot toooot."

I about died laughing, then he started laughing too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Duck and the red sweater

It's 80+ degrees outside and 75 inside and Duck decides he HAS to wear his red sweater Nana made him. My mom is phenomenally talented when it comes to sewing, knitting, crocheting. She's made oodles of baby sweater sets for my friends for baby gifts. Each grandchild has numerous sweaters, though I think Duck might be in the lead since he not only gets his own, but also his cousin's hand-me-downs. That's the great thing....she does such an awesome job, they last a long time.

Anyway, she made him a red one recently, I'd bought rainbow cars to put on for buttons. He LOVES that sweater. It was on his dresser in our room and he decided that it was time to wear it. I pick my battles.

I'm just that kind of mom. Battles are for warriors and soldiers, not me.

Hence my child still has a pacifier and today wandered around the apartment wearing shorts and a red knit sweater with car buttons.


I managed to get it off him at lunch time (didn't want peanut butter on it), but he wanted to put it right back on after nap. Wore it til dinner time and I finally got it off him for good at that point.

Might have to hide it tomorrow. Too bad the camera's acting up again, otherwise I'd post a picture.

Sucky sucky day

Yeah, today's not such a great day.

Reason #1: Best Buy is closed. Crap. Now I have to go one day after work which really sucks. Yeah, yeah, I know it's right on my way home, I have to pass it in order to get there. Doesn't mean I actually want to do it. Plus, during the week even without stops, Duck and I get home precisely 15 minutes before Duck's dinnertime.

Reason #2: Publix is closed. Which meant I either had to brave Walmart or go to the corner store and spend close to $5 for a gallon of milk. I chose the corner store, it was closer to home.

Reason #3: The new dose of Metformin is kicking my butt. Not really experiencing the exhaustion like I did when I first started the 500 mg dose, but this running to the bathroom 30 minutes after taking it has to stop. I'm only on 1000 mg at this point. I have to get myself to 2000 mg. I know it will take a few days to adjust, but OMG.......can we stay colonoscopy anyone? I'll be so glad to get the next appointment.

Oh and speaking of that next appointment, guess what showed up Friday night lasting a whopping 24 hours? Does that count as a full cycle? Just 24 hours? Maybe, just maybe I can get the next round of meds.....or even get my appointment pushed up. Doubtful, but anything is possible I suppose.

Duck has been a very good boy today, though. He even took a decent nap, first time in three days. His room is an atrocity, but that's okay, I've pretty much given up until we can get back to Ikea.

Oh, and I think we finally might have a suitable replacement for Puppy. PLUTO! We found a Pluto about the same size and only a little stiffer than Puppy, though I'm sure with lots of love, he will compare nicely. Anyway, with having Mickey and Pluto, I think we can break the Puppy habit.

Now if we could only break the paci habit. HAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT

Saturday, March 22, 2008

GRRRRR Back to Best Buy

We went to Disney yesterday. I checked the camera BEFORE we walked out of the house. I checked in the car. It was FINE. We get to Playhouse Disney to meet up with a friend and her family.........SOB! It's not working again. Doing the same freaking thing as last weekend. I'm beyond irritation at this point.

I'm sad because that meant I couldn't take pics of me and my friend. We didn't even bother with any character meetings.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weight problems

I can't lose it, Duck can't find it. E took him to the pedi today....hasn't been acting normal, wouldn't really eat for me at night other than soft foods, I swear he had red and white spots decorating his throat last night and he's been exposed to strep and tonsillitis in the last few days. No strep or tonsillitis and his ears are clear. But he's dropped two pounds since he was there the last week of February. Means he's down to 26 pounds.

The pedi said to add in "junk". Doesn't like to tell any parent that, but given we are going through all this other stuff and eating is not an issue for Duck, it might be the only way we can get the pounds back on him. We'll probably even consider going back to whole milk for a while.

So, it's back to ice cream, cookies, etc for Duck. MMMMMMM carrots and celery for me. 3 weeks til WW starts!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


disclaimer: my frustrations are NOT directed at any one single person, I don't mean to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. However, this is MY blog to talk about things important to ME.

General frustrations trying to have another baby: if I hear "relax" or "be grateful for the one you have" one more time, I will absolutely SCREAM. It's incredibly insensitive and if you personally know me, "relax" is not in my vocabulary. To say such things makes an assumption that I haven't tried to relax, that I'm not doing things to make my life easier, and it truly implies that I don't value Duck which is the farthest thing from the truth. My child is my life. And actually, right now, I am fairly calm and my stress level is fairly low. E and I both have jobs we love, Duck is doing so well with therapy, we're a really happy family. But we want to add to that family.

I scheduled my appointment with the RE. Managed to schedule it the same day as Sam's developemental pediatrician's appointment. So, we'll take him to that, then the sitter's, then on to the hospital for my appointment.

It was kind of funny when she told me that I should still come to the appointment even if I was in the middle of a cycle. I told her,"that would be a miracle considering I haven't had one since September." She laughed and agreed.

So, before you talk to a couple experiencing infertility, it would be a good idea to look at this:
What not to say to an infertile couple

And, I found Duck's MChAT from last year. He failed 13 of 23 markers. Now, after a year of speech, OT and EI therapies, he only fails the one marker. I talked to his EI therapist over the weekend and she agreed that he could technically still fail that question #13 about imitation. But she's going to start working on faces with him. We're going to do food faces at home.

Oh, and apparently, I haven't heard "Einstein didn't talk til he was three" enough times either.

Monday, March 17, 2008

NOT Autism

That's what he said.....not Autism. Now, it's just a belief, not a definitive diagnosis, but the neurologist today said he did not feel Duck is Autistic. If anything, he's on the PDD spectrum, and the mild end at that. Duck shows no signs of sensory aversion, he doesn't spend his days lining things up, he makes and maintains eye contact, and the only real time we see arm-flapping is when he's excited about something, like clapping. Having used signs with him, I've gotten into the habit of clapping in sign.....waving my hands above my head. He does the same thing. He does toe-walk a bit, but not as a regular occurrence and the OT has said that because it's not all the time, he likely would not qualify for PT services.

We have orders for an EEG on April 5th and I have a lab request. I am so not going to enjoy doing a lab visit with him. The last time he had blood drawn was two years ago at the clinic and he was severely dehydrated when they did it. My child who would never take more than 6 oz of formula at a time, guzzled and kept down 12 oz of Pedialyte that night.

Anyway, I'm going to try to schedule that early Saturday morning so E can go with me. I'm HORRIBLE about Duck being in pain......knock on wood we have yet to have any serious bleeding, just REALLY bad bumps and bruises.

***************RANDOM VENT*******************
Need to vent about this because it's absolutely driving me nuts. So, I'm an editor for a textbook publishing company. Typos drive me nuts, especially on an official document, like from the doctor's office.

I got the new patient packet from the developmental pediatrician's office over the weekend. I was reading it and noticed a typo on the 3rd page. Didn't think anything of it to start. Then another, and another, and another. This document is 16 pages, with me having to fill out 12 of them. There are errors on 9 of the pages I have to fill out or sign. I mean, things like missing apostrophes I can handle, but mis-spelling diarrhea or resuscitation? It's a DOCTOR'S OFFICE!

E was laughing at me because I went through the damn thing and highlighted the errors. Yes, I am that way.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but this is something that goes in his file and will eventually be forwarded on to his pediatrician and the school district. If they can't get his paperwork filled out, how can I expect the stuff they send will be accurate? (mind you this doctor is one of the BEST in the area and I've heard nothing but great things about him from two moms I really trust)

Isn't this why spell-checker was invented??

This happens to be one of my personality flaws that I openly admit, it's why I have the job I do and I love it. Doesn't mean I don't make mistakes, but when it's something on this level I check and check and check, then I read it backward to check again. (Yes, I know that's a bad sentence.)
**********RANDOM VENT OVER********

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ikea trip, Duck's birthday and sweet potatoes

Okay, blogger is having ISSUES so I can't post a picture or video, but go back to the Toy Store posts and that's what Duck's room looks like 24 hours later.

Ikea didn't have the Trofast frame I wanted today. I did buy the bins, for whatever that's worth since Duck seems to think they're for throwing around his room and standing on them. They said it would be in at the end of the month. Gotta tell ya, I'll be calling every day starting the 28th to see if they got it in.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH and the shoppers at Ikea?? Somebody MUST have known that Puppy was well-loved because somehow I didn't notice Duck dropped him and we had to back-track all the way to the elevator. Someone had picked up Puppy and put him on a BED. Duck was so excited to see him and I was RELIEVED that no one had taken him directly to lost and found. But, do you think the EMPLOYEE that was STANDING RIGHT THERE said a word to me as I said, "oh Duck, someone found Puppy and put him right here for you, someone knows you love him very much." NOPE, not a single word, not even a smile to acknowledge that we'd found a long lost friend (yes, in Duck's toddler mind a few minutes is an eternity.) So, whoever you are, my fellow Ikea shopper, THANK YOU for seeing Puppy and picking him up where we might find him. That reminds me, Puppy needs a bath.

Even though Ikea didn't have what I wanted and their policy excludes Duck from their playplace (he's not PT'd yet), they still remain my #2 store. And they're only that way because they don't carry clothes like Target. But I suppose if someone figured out how to put H&M and Ikea in the same building, I would be ELATED. Course, if we could get H&M here in the central Florida area, I'd be happy, but for now I'll settle for hitting the Dearborn, MI store when I get a chance. Anyway they have a great family restroom that included a FREE diaper station. You know, like a feminine goods dispenser, but it was diapers and they were FREE. WOW. (of course, since I'm sharing this, next time I go they wont' be) But I thought, what a concept. Their little packages came with a diaper, two wipes, and a bed liner. WAY TOO COOL!

Oh, speaking of bed liners for changing tables. Did you know that the ONLY place we've EVER been to that had them was the Denny's in Kissimmee on US-192 near US-27? Seriously, I generally use a changing table wherever they have them. I mean, this is aside from Disney's baby care centers, but I expect Disney to do something like that.

Total tangent, sorry.

Starting to think about Duck's birthday. Yeah, I know it's 4 months away, but it's only 8 paydays away and if I do a few things in each payday, it won't seem so bad. Last year's party was good, it was HOT and nearly everyone invited showed up. We squeezed 30 people in our tiny two bedroom apartment, we had people ALL OVER. So, I'm considering alternatives for this year, like moving into a house with a backyard or going to Monkey Joe's, maybe even a park. Since it's mid-July, I'm thinking INDOORS is a good thing. Or outdoors with a pool. I don't know yet.

Duck's answered TWO "w" questions in the past three days. The first was the "where's the cow" question. Today was "where's Puppy" before we left the house and he just put his hands out and said "eh-huh" (i don't know). We found Puppy together. (at Ikea, he was not so calm)

Oh, and we learned the other night, he's still definitely allergic to sweet potatoes. If you live or will visit the Kissimmee area, do NOT go to Morrison's on US-192. Worst place we ever been to. GRoss food, not labeled, crap all over the floor, incompetent waitstaff (ok, not all, just ours). And it was a buffet, but not everything was labeled or labeled correctly. I'm convinced what they had labeled pumpkin pie was really a pumpkin/sweet potato combination. Duck LOVES pumpkin, but he wouldn't eat it after one small bite. Sure enough, before we left, his face was breaking out. I gave him Benadryl before he went to bed, thought nothing of it. Til this morning when he woke up with a rash on his chest and belly and it looks like it's starting on his arms. CRAP. So, Aveeno and Benadryl it is for the next few days. I was really hoping he'd grow out of that.

Oh, and if anyone knows where I might be able to find out if certain sweeteners are made from sweet potatoes or a sweet potato derivative, I'd greatly appreciate it. I SWEAR I remember SOMETHING about that.

Ramblings at 1:00 a.m.

So I spent a good while talking to Duck's EI therapist last night. We went over the MChAT I had done on my own. She completely agreed with me on all three markers. 13 he still does not do faces, it's too abstract for DUCK, but 15 and 17 he does do now. I was so elated that she agreed with me.

Then we started talking about verbal words and I shared "nana" and "soos" with her. She went on to tell me he actually has said some other words like "ircle" (circle) for her. She's sending me a list so that I have it for the neuro on Monday.

It seems to me that Duck can't/won't form consonants with his tongue. I don't know if that has to do with the late transition to solids/table foods or the massive vomiting he did as an infant, possibly both. I just know he uses more vowel sounds than consonants. Take for instance, the speech therapists name. It's Jacquie, but Duck only says "a-ee" when he sees her. Now, he knows how to use consonants because he can say "nana" and "ball" but it's curious that he is still wavering on using his tongue.

Oh, another good example. My dad has taught all the grandkids to make this funky noise with their tongue. If y'all know my dad, you know the silly sound I'm talking about. EXCEPT NOT DUCK. He won't do it. But, the other night we're in Publix and I'm walking down the aisle flicking my tongue back and forth just like my dad and usually I get NOTHING in return, but Friday night, he tries to do it. His tongue does NOT jet out of his mouth, but he's trying to use the roof of his mouth and his lips/back of his upper teeth to do it. We were so excited. People thought we were NUTS getting so excited about a simple noise.

This is the same child who rolls his tongue for the word "cheese". Think of a cat purring the long "e" sound, that's "cheese" to Duck.

Definitely knows what a cow is after today. Kept picking up his cow and saying "dow". I did ask him "where's the cow?" and he picked it right up. Course, he only did it once and wouldn't do it again if I begged with a promise of ice cream, but he did do it once.

I'm start to agree with Jacquie more and more that Duck's issue is physical, not mental. Now, if I could get him to chew a piece of gum, we might have a method to strengthen his jaw muscles and his tongue.

As far as how I'm feeling? Depressed. In a state of anger and denial, mainly. I have some logic on what's going on, aside from the cysts that is. For nearly two years after I had Duck, I played what form of bc is it this month? It wasn't til March of last year that I'd had enough. After three forms of the pill, plus the Ring, the Patch and depo provera in 18 months, I think my body is on strike from artificial hormones. I'm hoping that the RE can give me some hope that I didn't do permanent damage. I just can't do any more hormones.........they mess with my head and my body too much.

I just want to know what is going on NOW and how to fix it. Kind of like figuring out Duck....doesn't matter how we got here, let's just find a way to fix it to make everyone's life better.

E has been so incredibly supportive. I love him so very much. He's been super about letting me scream, cry, vent. He's let me be alone, he's held me when I needed to cry. Most importantly he's just been there for me.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a difference an hour makes

Okay, so I had to do this while Duck was watching Diego and out of my way for an hour. But I managed to make the room somewhat presentable. I'm heading to Ikea tomorrow (YAY!) for one thing, maybe two. Duck WILL tip the baskets before the night is over and I will once again have a mess, but at least for now it's picked up and I can see carpet again.

Friday, March 14, 2008

At least someone gets some justice

Read here about the Chicago mom, charges dropped.

Very, very sad

We were hyped up last month that the other NP in the OB's office would have more options for us if the meds didn't work. Well, she didn't. Basically threw her hands up and gave me a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. My worst fears coming true, to have another baby we will HAVE to see an infertility specialist. Luckily my insurance is really good and does cover treatments. We just have to decide how far to go. My guess is, not very far.

She did increase my Metformin dosage to go from 500mg now to 2000mg over the next three weeks. It will probably take that long to get into the RE.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WAHOOO! He identified an object!

For the first time ever, well okay for ME-I have no idea if he's done it for the speech therapist, Duck identified an object. Remember the Walmart incident with the bananas? He's been on a "nana" kick ever since. So yesterday after we got home from the sitter's, he walked in, went over to his pile of flashcards and picked up one and said "nana". Sure enough, it was the banana card.

Then this morning he wanted a banana with breakfast. So, I gave him one, then after he brought me his picture book and while we were going through each page, he pointed, I said the object. time, and one time only, I pointed and he said, "nana."

OVERJOYED could only begin to describe what I felt at that very moment. Then he pointed to a tomato and said, "ball." Yeah, everything that's round is a ball. But, I don't care......he might be generalizing, but he's TALKING. He's IDENTIFYING!

Duck has also started to identify ME. The other night, E gave him something and told him, "take it to mama." In comes Duck, running, saying. "momo" (both long o). I don't know why it's "momo" and not "mama," I'll take it, though. Then I picked him up from the sitter's last night and when I walked in, he said, "momo" as he came toward me.

Talk about a toddler word explosion. I'm so freaking excited and relieved and just so inspired by the past few weeks. Of course, when he runs toward me with a Sponge Bob car screen in front of his face, I have to he really MY child? Then he puts it down and babbles something utterly indecipherable and I realize, YEP, he's mine.

Keep your fingers crossed, I go to the doctor tomorrow. It's day #17 since taking the last Provera pill and still nothing. I really have no idea why I'm even taking the Metformin, but maybe I'll get that answer tomorrow. I have list of questions to ask, primarily, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?"

Help others and get arrested!

Okay, I don't normally weigh in publicly on the happenings of local police departments, but OMG, Chicago PD and IL's DCFS, don't you have better things to worry about?

Chicago mom arrested This mom does something that a lot of parents never think to do. She helps her young child donate coins to the Salvation Army. She PURPOSELY drives her child to the local Walmart to make a donation, but winds up ARRESTED for leaving her sleeping toddler in the car where it was safe, warm and free from the elements of the freezing December weather just a few yards away. No evidence of neglect or abuse has been found, yet if convicted, she faces up to a year in jail. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

Middle of the night fevers

It's midnight, you're laying in bed having a great conversation with your spouse because, well, that's the only time you see each other. When all of a sudden comes a high-pitched screaming cry from your toddler's bedroom. He's sitting up in bed, crying full force and burning up. He's hot to the touch.

20 minutes later, he's calm and in loose over-sized t-shirt and pajama bottoms. Take his temp? I think not.

The alarm went off at 6:30, I got Duck up at 7:00, still VERY warm to the touch. I got his diaper off and his temps was 100.0 rectally. Of course, we all know temps rise through the day, so I kept him home and called my boss. At least E's off tomorrow and Friday.

Duck wouldn't eat dinner easily last night. Made his favorite: baked chicken and pumpkin. Ate all his pumpkin, but not a single bit of chicken. So, did the only thing I could............NO IT WASN'T MAKE A PBJ!

I coated the chicken in pumpkin. Itty-bitty pieces of chicken covered in gobs of pumpkin. EW. He ate it though. Should have known something was up at that point I guess. No wonder the kid can't put weight on, all he eats is protein, veggies and fruit. All the stuff that would bulk him up, binds him up.

Speaking of binding......Our current "treatment plan" includes pear juice, NutriPals bars, graham crackers, Stage 2 prunes and squash (he thinks they're pudding), and canned pumpkin. I was glad to get off the Miralax after six months. I know a lot of parents spend much more time on it than that. Of course, I'm nearly positive we'll see it again when potty-training starts.

E is LOVING his new position at his job. He's so excited about being back at work and really likes his boss and the people he works with. I haven't seen him this happy in a couple of years. Sure he was glad to be working late last summer, but it was certainly not a great situation. Where he's at now is totally awesome. I really expect 2008 to be a very good year for all of us.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Advertising for my friend Jenn and update on Duck

My friend Jenn just started her own publishing company. She's an incredible person who does everything with passion. Her website is I hope, one day, her company is large enough for me to join her! So, if you need editing/publishing services, consider her! If you know anyone else that might, feel free to recommend!

Duck has started to say "sooooos" and "nana" for shoes and banana. He actually pointing AND saying them! What a weekend it was!

I finally got an appointment with the developmental pediatrician today. Amazing little trick to share with you....think about the one department of a doctor's office that will almost always have a live person. Sure enough, I got through to someone in billing since I've been returning messages to the appointment line since Friday the 29th. Anyway, it worked. Love being resourceful.....learned that from my friend Michelle.

So, we see the neurologist on March 17th and the developmental pedi on April 15th.

I visited this site through Georgia State: Diana Robins. She has the MChAT, the MChAT scoring rubric, and a post-evaluation interview on her site. Wow, was that interview helpful. It helped explain some of the questions further. A year ago, Duck hit all six critical marker for Autism in toddlers, and a few more. Today as I worked through it, then the interview, he barely hits two critical and one other.

He still hits #13, 15 and 17 if you answer straight-forward. The first two are the critical markers. But, after I read the post-evaluation interview, he more or less passes all three of them.

13. Does your child imitate you? (e.g. You make a face-will your child imitate it?)

NO (fail)

But when I read more, it even suggests sounds. Duck will imitate sounds and the more I think about it, it's just faces he won't imitate, he is starting to imitate gestures and does say bye-bye and point to what we're pointing to. (pass?)

15. If you point at a toy across the room, does your child look at it?

NO (fail)

This is scattered. If I say look at the doggie, he doesn't look. But if I get down to his level, put my face next to his and we look together as I point, he sees it and then continues to look if I pull my face away. (pass?)

17. Does your child look at things you are looking at?

NO (fail)

Big example here, when we took him to The Wiggles back in November. There were songs he was interested in. If it wasn't something he wanted to watch, he turned around and was more interested in the little boy behind us and his light wand (that we had to buy on our way out). If it's a movie, sure he watches it with us. If I turn his head toward something, yeah, he looks. If either of us are on the computer, he definitely wants to see that. Wait, maybe that's more of a YES than I thought. (pass?)

So, ultimately, it's really important we get these next two appointments under way before we see anything happen with the school district. Am I worried he won't qualify? Not really, because I know he'll still qualify for speech. My worry is that he won't qualify for speech and another service, making it less likely for him to qualify for a full-day program. But, if we get the right help through the doctors, I'd almost rather go that route and possibly have him in regular kindergarten without services when he turns 5.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Toy Store AKA Duck's bedroom

Looking for HELPFUL suggestions for weeding out toys. Because of his delay, probably 90% is either AT or ABOVE his current level. He loves each and every toy as evidenced by the "it's Christmas" attitude I got when I decided to clean out his closet.

I have tried to rotate, but it becomes a hassle. I'm thinking of the Ikea Trofast system for some of it. I also might do some Craigslist or FreeCycle with it as well. I just don't know how to, here is a video from today AFTER the Best Buy trip:

Best Buy update......

Okay, I have good news and I have bad news. Actually, it's the same news. The camera's WORKING again.

I took new pics this morning just so I'd have up to the minute time/date stamped photos on my memory stick. I load up Duck in the car..........I drive the approximately 3 miles to Best Buy taking my November paperwork, the old pictures and the new ones and the camera.

I walk into the store and up to the Geek Squad counter.........lo and behold, it's the same gentleman that helped us back in November. He remembers! Thank God! So I show him the new pictures that I'm getting again. I told him I could show him new ones from this morning. I turn on the camera and OMG IT WORKS. NO COLOR DISTORTION WHATSOEVER!

I was highly embarrassed and frustrated. We both laughed about it though. He was kind enough to write down on my Nov. paperwork that I was there today. He signed and dated it. I didn't send the camera out today because, frankly, I don't like being without it. Plus, the ILs are coming in two weeks on their way back to MI and I'd like to get nice pictures. If all else fails, I'll send it out and go get a few disposables til I can find my Olympus 35mm. (now there's a camera that's been faithful to me....had it well over 10 years and it still works like a charm)

Maybe later I can take some pics of the "toy store formerly known as Duck's room" and post them.

Wish me luck that I don't have to go back to BB any time soon. Although, I did get a promise that if we send it in twice between now and 2.21.09, they will replace the camera FREE. That's when our PSP expires.

We won't be buying anything like a computer, tv or camera from BB again, we'll go to Costco like my ILs. You see, apparently Costco has an INCREDIBLE return policy in that they want the customer to be 100% satisfied with their product. So, that's where we'll be going from now on for electronics.

Last bit to share: check out and for more information on any company you have a beef with. I definitely went to Best Buy with a more accurate view of policy enforcement.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Refuse to spend more money on Sony products

Three years ago, FIL bought us a handycam digital camera. I was pg with Duck and he and MIL thought it would be a great way for them to see pictures of Duck.

Yeah, well, it's been serviced twice already and has to go back AGAIN. The first time was an alignment issue with the tape, it wouldn't load a tape at all, but also wouldn't work for the memory stick if there wasn't one.

The second time, in the middle of my last trip to MI, it went from good pictures to really really bad pictures without warning and the buttons on the touch screen stopped responding. They replaced an electrical part, the internal board. Dropped it off November 10, 2007, picked it in mid-December.

So, last weekend we went to Disney right? E tried to take pics of Duck with Mickey, but the screen wasn't showing great, we thought it was due to it being dusk. I got the camera out today to take a picture of the toy store formerly known as Duck's room. This kid is in SERIOUS need of a toy box or two (ten, maybe?). Anyway, back to the same problem I had in MI.

Here's what I got when we first walked in the park:

Here's what I got three hours later at dusk and thought it was just the lighting:

and what I got today in Duck's room in BROAD DAYLIGHT:

I JUST GOT THIS THING BACK IN DECEMBER! Geek Squad had it for over 6 weeks. Now I have to take it back again.

I mean, thankfully, FIL doesn't buy anything without an extended warranty and we still have a year on it. But it's been about 4 months that we've had it back and it's doing the same thing. It was a matter of HOURS, just turning the camera off from the Teacup video from below to trying to take character pictures.

I really wish you all could have seen Duck squealing at Mickey. It was just too cute!

Anyway, I spent AN HOUR on the phone with Sony's customer service, including half that time with a supervisor. They are saying their hands are tied. Yeah, you're a multi-billion dollar international company and you can't help me with my camera as a customer service initiative. They're referring me back to Best Buy and Geek Squad for repair. I'm okay with that, in a way, but in a bigger way I'm not. The camera retailed for over $600 three years ago. It's not even available new anymore....and the replacement models are both under $300 through Sony and Best Buy.

So, we're looking to buy a Cannon or Nikon next because three major repairs in three years is unacceptable.

Wish me luck tomorrow at Best Buy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Video of Duck

Duck on the Teacups at Magic Kingdom, Mach 1, 2008

He's safe and "having a good time"

Is "having a good time" odd to say about someone in the middle of the war in Iraq? My brother is one of my heroes. Currently serving his second year long tour in Iraq in just three years, he's doing what he loves most.....being goofy. All I can say is that he's safe and enjoying his new assignment.

I'm so proud of him and every other person in the military serving overseas and stateside. Whether or not it's a fight they believe in, they're still fighting it.

Duck is so good about going to bed anymore. Last night the tv automatically switched from Noggin to American Idol and he got down from the couch and all I had to say was "na-night." He went running to his bed, Mickey and Puppy in tow, giggling all the way. I love that he goes to bed at 8:00, but this getting up at 6:00 a.m. has GOT TO STOP. Perhaps the nap needs to go away, but that's not going to happen any time soon. He gets quiet time three days a week at the sitter's, so not much I can do about that. Why does he choose Thursdays to sleep in til 7? Week before last, when he and E were both sick, they both slept til after 8:30. Wish I could sleep late like that.

His favorite place at 6:00 a.m.? In my bed with me. Even if E's on the couch, Duck wants to be with me. I can't complain too loudly, though, he will come in and watch Noggin for an hour before getting buggy about milk. God forbid, though, if I forget that Oobi comes on at 6:30 because then he wants episode after episode after episode. I should just set it to Disney so he can watch Stanley.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Just a public thanks to my friend Annie who's been commenting since I started my blog. Thanks ANNIE!!!! You truly are blooming marvelously!!!!

Quick note!

Duck hasn't put Mickey down since Saturday......I've been trying to convince him that Mickey has to rest during the day. But we had a really rough morning today, so Mickey didn't have to go to bed, he got to go to speech with Duck and Puppy. Puppy goes EVERYWHERE anymore. He used to stay in the house, but it's just a really bad habit now. When I pick Duck up from the sitter's, the first thing he does is reach for his bag to get Puppy and a pacifier out. SSSSSHHHHHH don't tell the speech therapist! Well, it's either the paci or Puppy that goes in the mouth. I think I'd rather have the paci.

It's day #11 and still no sign of the meds working....guess I'll be a medical mystery next week at the doctor's office.

We're going to start house-hunting.....most likely will rent, but my boss showed me an auction site, so I'm going to keep my eye out on that site as well. Keep your fingers crossed that we can find something reasonable in the area we want to move to.

Random thought for the day:

Why is Winnie the Pooh called Pooh, but Kermit the Frog is called Kermit?????

Oh and by the way, feel free to leave comments, I would love to know that people are actually READING this!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well, damn

I haven't seen official results as far as by how much, but apparently Clinton pulled it off and won TX, OH, and RI. YUCK. I swear, I'm converting to a McCain supporter if she gets the nomination. Otherwise, I'm an Obama supporter. There I said it. I'm a Democrat that votes for the PERSON, not a blind party-voter.

I have more thoughts on the day, but I'll save those for a post later. I just wanted to share my disappointment that Clinton pulled three wins off.

Monday, March 3, 2008

People of Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island.....

PLEASE VOTE!!!! I really think it's a time for change.....a change from Bush and a continued change from Clinton. Whether you vote for a republican or Barack Obama, please vote for a CHANGE!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Say Duck "can't" and he turns around and

he DOES it!

For example, in the past few weeks, I've said that he:
  • can't use a fork consistently and proficiently
  • only has 3 verbal words without consistency other than "hi" which are "yeah", "no", and "a-ee" (for Jacquie the speech therapist) OR
  • his irregularity seemed to have returned to the tune of once every four days if I was lucky.
The result?????
  • He threw an absolute fit the other day and would not each lunch for E. Why you ask? Because E didn't give him a fork to eat his chicken nuggets with. Tonight he ate my "famous" mac-n-cheese with tuna and peas (it's better than it sounds) with a fork at his big boy table.
  • He has started to say his own versions of "i love you", "thank you", and "uh oh". And rather than "Dora" it's "oh-dah".
  • Additionally, he is answering back to Moose, Dora and Diego with being accurate more than half the time. Although, today he was dead-on with every question Diego asked. I know there's a lot of repetition with those shows and snippets, but at least I know it's connecting.
  • I sent a message to a friend about withholding last week......Within 24 hours, he cleaned himself out without me having to give him Milk of Magnesia and has gone nearly every day since.

So, I'm going to start saying Duck "can't" and see what he does with it!

I've also been letting him help me in the kitchen. Last weekend we made a cake for E. Just a simple chocolate cake, but I let Duck run the mixer with my hand over his. Tonight I let him stir the mac-n-cheese. I held his left hand with mine, then had my right over his while we stirred together. He likes to be in the kitchen. Now if I could just get him to stay out of the refrigerator and stop playing with the light and the temperature control.

A med update for me.....It's day #7 after my last Provera pill and it's done nothing yet. I go back to the doctor on March 13th, hopefully something will happen before then. I'm finally past the sleepy stages of the Metformin, so that's a good thing.

If you're headed to central Florida any time soon, I have two BIG recommendations. The first one I have to recommend based only on the sights I've seen on my daily commute and the word of a fellow mommy: Sea World's Aquatica is now OPEN! And it's a great place to be. PLEASE GO!

My second recommendation is for anyone planning a Disney trip: If you can, try to go to the Pirates and Princesses Party at Magic Kingdom! It was a great event! Duck got individual time with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Pluto and Chip (or maybe it was Dale....) Anyway, my little Duck went squealing and running to Mickey and Donald like he was running toward me when I pick him up from the sitter's. I'm fairly certain I got a little choked up. Oh, and you would think that us living here, E and I both working for Disney, that he'd have a boatload of Mickey's right? Nope, we bought him his first one last night and he has NOT PUT IT DOWN! Anyway, the party was great, the entertainment spectacular and I'm fairly certain they were filming because the Goodyear blimp was overhead most of the night. Duck was spectacularly behaved all night long. We made the long trek back to Epcot to get the car and he stayed awake the entire time.

If you're familiar with property, you'll appreciate this. He was OUT COLD between Epcot and Boardwalk (we had to get gas at the Hess station). Got him home, changed his diaper, put on his pajamas and he was still fast asleep with Puppy and Mickey in his arms.