Saturday, February 27, 2010

To the kind person at Meijer

Thank you oh so much for finding Henry's hat and turning it in to Lost and Found. It's been two weeks since we lost the handmade hat Nana made for him, I thought it was really gone. But, I took a chance and asked when I was in the Livonia/Novi Meijer this morning.

Emily, the customer service attendant, welcomed me down to the "found" bin and let me watch her go through it. I described the hat and she started pulling all sorts of things out. (if you lost a black glove, chances are it might be at that Meijer, they have a TON)

I was surprised that she let me look with her. She took that extra initiative to let me know that she wanted me to see for myself and that she wanted to be sure she found the right hat.


Pure relief and joy set in as I saw the hat. It's sitting in the pile to be washed, but at least it's safe and sound where it belongs.

So, thank you, to whoever found it, whether it was a shopper or employee. I'm incredible grateful!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Finally! 100% of the time, he's wearing underwear full-time, going on his own for the most part, flushing, putting the seat/lid down, no accidents in at least a month, going poop too.

I would have thought with all the stress in our lives the past couple of months, especially with me back to work full-time, that he would have regressed. Nope, he's plugged ahead and done wonderfully.

I tell him every day I'm so proud of him for being my big boy. Next step: getting rid of the pacifier.


In other fabulous news, Henry is now standing up in his crib, pulling up to stuff and 4-point crawling. No more Army crawling! I'll bet he's walking very very soon.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Still alive after potty-training

We're on to underwear at night! Wahoo! Okay, so admittedly I didn't want to put him in underwear because we share a bed and I didn't want him peeing on me in the middle of the night. So, this past week I took the brave step to have him wear them. His bed is double-sheeted, so we took the chance.

And? He's been dry every morning!