Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm so happy with Sam

First....if you don't like hearing or reading about bodily functions....stop reading right now. Come back another day.

Okay, with that warning out of the way, I have to share that Sam is nearly half way to winning the war on constipation. Sure, we're still doing Miralax every day, but unlike previous attempts, he's now going every single day, on the potty without tears. My big boy has even abandoned the Elmo potty ring!

I need to be better about putting the Miralax in juice rather than milk and about giving it to him at lunch rather than bedtime, but neither of those have interfered with his progress.

Here's a picture of his chart from earlier in the week:

Of course, you have to know there are three more stickers there since this picture was taken on Thursday last week.

We have the chart and the stickers taped to the bathroom mirror so he can see it all the time.

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