Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lactose-free living

PediaSure and PediaSure Nutripals drinks are lactose-free. Which is great since it's about the only way I make sure Sam gets the nutrition he needs on a daily basis.

A few months back, my friend Susan told me about Breyer's having lactose-free ice cream. I was amazed because I hadn't seen in the store. Then again I wasn't really looking.

I found it and we started letting Sam have ice cream as a treat without worries that he was going to puke 30 minutes later.

Then genius struck last week after his IEP meeting. Chocolate PediaSure + Breyer's Vanilla Lactose-free Ice Cream = chocolate shake!

He gets three things: nutrition, treat, speech therapy......all in a small glass with a straw.

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