Thursday, January 14, 2010

Death by Potty Training

Potty-training Samuel is going to be the absolute death of me. He has the most incredible days, including ones where he TELLS me he has to go rather than being reminded every hour on the hour to go.

Two days ago I took him to the library to take back videos we'd checked out. He had JUST gone to the bathroom at Target. JUST as in right before we left and drove straight to the library. Anyway, I'm looking at the videos and he's playing with the toys, then all of a sudden, he says "mama I wet"


I go to the check out counter and tell the man "we had an accident". I don't think the man had kids because I had to explain what "an accident" was.

Then today he'd done FABULOUS, going every hour, no problems. It was just me with the boys tonight and Sam was playing online while I fed Henry. I'm watching the clock, and I said "go potty" and I hear "but mama I wet"


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