Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An update

40 pounds even (croup and an ear infection took a couple pounds off last month)

41" tall

Size 4 pants, 5T shirts and I'm fairly certain he'll need a size 11 shoe, if not 11.5

Just cut his hair for teh early part of summer. Probably the best haircut I've given him. He even sat still and did well while I used the mini clippers around his ears and on his neck.

His big thing right now is coming home on the bus saying "I had a great day at school mama." That's 8 words in one sentence. Not too shabby for a kid who two years ago could barely say 10 double-syllable words.

Famous last words? "I wanna be good mama" Yes, we all know you WANT to be good Sammy, but WILL you be good?

Still on the fence about what to do about the fall. Kindergarten or continuing the special ed pre-K program. I'm not interested in sending him to kdg just to send him to 1st grade next year. We know it would mean a repeat of kdg next year.

I'm probably just fairly disappointed we left Kissimmee last year and wish he had a similar program this year.

26 pounds (he's a chunky one)

31.5" tall

Purely in 18 mo clothing. Which kind of sucks because Sam went from 12mo to 24 mo in one season, so we're buying some things I was hoping to avoid. But at least that means the 24 mo fall/winter items I have will fit him later on. He'll likely be needing size 6 shoes soon.

You already know he's walking, better and better everyday. It's only when Sam starts running around him egging him on to chase him that Henry gets all excited, tries to run and well, is unsuccessful as he lands on his rear end.

We're contemplating a call to early intervention. Henry doesn't have any words yet, but he is communicating his wants, desires, and distaste. He'll give a kiss on command (to Papa or the baby in the mirror), he lets you know when he's finished eating/drinking by feeding the floor, and if he's in the play yard and you walk by, you had better acknowledge him or you'll have the screech of your life.

Well, there's really not much to tell. Eric's restarted the process to join TSA here. He's working part-time for a big security firm, but again, it's just part-time and in reality it's "per diem". I view per diem work as feast or famine. You get work for a few weeks, then nothing for the longest time.

I've been applying for teaching positions as well as jobs with teh state of Michigan. It's not like it used to be though. Used to be able to take the Civil Service exam and then get on the roster based on your score. NOW? Now you apply and sit back and hope to God someone likes your application materials enough to send you to take the exam. All I really need is that chance to take the exam. I've tried three different temp agencies. Yeah, rather unsuccessful there. I have a part-time job, but it's just part-time and no opportunity for full-time or advancement.

My boys and I need me to find a full-time job. For so many reasons.


The Kelley Family said...

Thanks for the update! I was wondering how you were all doing. I hope that you are able to find a job soon. So good to hear that Sam has made such great improvements and I cant believe that Henry is bigger than Katherine, she is only 21lbs and about 32 inches.. and wears only a size 4 shoe! such a tiny girl!

Duck's Mom said...

I hope so too. Yeah, he's a chunky one. Katherine is about the same size Sam was at her age. Everything that Henry wears now, Sam was wearing at age 2-2.5.