Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I took a part-time job

It seems more and more companies are hiring fewer full-time employees. Why? It costs the time you add in whatever benefits package that FTer has, it could feasibly just be cheaper to hire 2-5 PT employees.

However, a company will often hire part-time people with full-time employment waiting in the wings. They want to test you out first. Hiring and counting on a FT person that doesn't work out wastes WEEKS of training on that person, as well as the time involved by the trainer, human resources and subsequently management who has to rehire.

Disney now first offers FT spots to its PT Cast Members before ever heading externally. This way both sides gets to try the other out. Like being PT? Great, deny the spot. Don't really want to leave the PT spot you have for a FT spot elsewhere because you're holding out for FT at your location? Great again. But, get offered that prime spot you've been wanting? BONUS for you.

You get the spot you originally wanted and Disney gets a CM that truly wants to create a magical experience for its Guests.

Me? I want to be backstage. I loved my role as a CoT, even the one I didn't excel at the way I wish I had. But I still learned about myself, others, and about Disney as a company in that experience. Even more backstage is a position that would allow me to work more closely with training development and with management.

THIS is where I dream to be. Backstage, helping others learn how to create the magic. Making sure Disney Cast Members have the tools and resources available to them to make a special vacation moment turn unbelievable.

Like this: My parents took her and my sister to Disney World in May 1999. As they approached Winnie the Pooh, he took one look at this beautiful baby (she really was a cute baby) and rather than simply stand next to my sister for pictures, Pooh sat down on the ground and held my niece for pictures. Pooh's friend said he rarely did that, Pooh was still rather a stand-up gentleman after all.

Part-time employment gets your foot in the door. Sure it makes paying the bills a whole lot harder, but I know at least at Disney, there are extra hours available, especially if you are willing to work parade control or custodial. (which I am)

I'm aiming high, but will take my steps into the Kingdom any way I can get them.

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