Thursday, March 21, 2013

Okay, so here it is

I have hard time bragging about myself.  I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk to people about everything.  But, when it comes to singing my accolades, I just can't seem to do it very well.  I had a sit-down with a leader recently where I said maybe I need to start talking about myself kind of like a third person.  Not in third person, but more like I'm talking about someone else.....more like acting.  Pretending to be someone else that really is me.  I know, you're not likely following what I'm saying.

I second-guess myself.  A LOT.  Too much in fact.  I'm quick to say what I don't do right or can't accomplish.  Yet I hesitate to say what I do well.  So I'm going to start a list here so I can add to it.

  • I use social media to update my coworkers when there is a change in parking, block-out dates, or general work information
  • I use the same social media to assist coworkers in switching their shifts, especially those that don't have access to social media.
  • I do a lot of communicating, to the point my teammates tease me about my emails.  (though few will admit how helpful it's been)

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