Saturday, August 8, 2009

Potty training successes

Really, truly, potty training is all about how ready your kid is. Even if it's after his 4th birthday! Since Sam's birthday a few weeks ago, we've been hitting PTing hard. And just this past week, I bought big boy underwear. Little tighty-whities! Okay, they're not white....they have Diego, Thomas, and Lightning McQueen on them, but still. I swear there's nothing cuter than seeing your kid wearing underwear and realizing you don't have buy a pack of pull-ups every week. (well, at least not until the next child is ready to PT)

Sam's had 2 accident free days this week. We've gone out and run errands and he's gone potty at Target, Sam's, the ENT's office, Grandma's house and only had one accident at Michelle's house.

I've been most worried about his delays and thinking, he won't be able to tell me that he has to go.

Well, once again, my worries proved unnecessary. Three times this morning, he said, "mama I wanna go pee." TOTALLY amazing.

We are still using pull-ups, but it's just at nap and bed time. Completely normal from what I understand. And, he's waking up dry after those times.

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