Sunday, March 11, 2012

Diagnosis & progress....

I have been slacking in the area of getting Sam to a neuropsych for a full diagnosis. I need to call and get a new list for the Orlando area.

That said, I do want to share some things that you might not know. While Sam is very mildly on the spectrum he is most definitely on it.

Some kids rock or bang their head, Sam will hit himself in the head. Repeatedly.

Some kids arm flap, snap, have some level of constant movement. Sam's flapping happens during periods of excitement/happiness but is beyond what would be normal behavior. He hears music and canNOT sit still.

Sam will make eye contact but not maintain it.

On the subject of contact, Sam is actually quite affectionate. He frequently sleeps with/between us for that closeness. But he is still learning boundaries and it's not going well when it involves me.

Writing is very hard for Sam but even more so if he has to transition from the board to his desk. We're going to have his eyes checked to make sure there isn't a problem there.

More later......

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