Saturday, November 3, 2012

Toy sorting, whatever works

Three days off and I felt I had accomplished. I took the following pictures as I was trying to sort through toys. Mainly I just wound up with another mess because of course I had to go back to work today.

I love my job, really truly love my job. I rarely go home and complain about the people I work with or the actual job I do. But there are many days when I wish I could be part-time again. So that I could realistically stay up as late as I wanted and just get stuff done. But alas my body loves sleep and my kids love getting up at the butt crack of dawn. So, I don't stay up late anymore.

So here are my "in process" pictures of trying to sort toys. First by type, then we'll decide what gets kept, sold, donated or thrown away.

I'm posting on my mobile device (iPod Touch), so I'm unsure of which pic is posting first. Basically a photo of two large boxes of misc toys and toy parts. Also a photo of my smaller toy containers, and some cardboard boxes, with the process already started.

It's Saturday night at 10, I'm in bed and not much more progress has happened. Judge me if you will, but right now I'm considering myself extremely lucky to have a 7yo snuggled up next to me and THAT is a little more important.

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