Thursday, February 5, 2009

You'd think that because I'm home

My apartment would be spotless and I'd be updating my blog on a daily basis. HA! Life happens, ya know. I can say that I am much more prepared for HJ's arrival than a week ago. I feel like our bedroom can accommodate an infant.

Duck's room could use some work, but I'll get to that today. The living room needs to be picked up, as does the den.

But, most importantly, *I* feel better. I feel more relaxed, I'm getting sleep, last night I didn't move at all. Fell asleep watching Mulan laying on my right side, woke up in the same position this morning, 6 hours later. Usually I roll over at least once, if not twice. I'm waking up without the alarm because it's daylight.

Which reminds me of a childhood story:
When I was little, my dad had a beard. Weird when I think about him having facial hair now, but he did. anyway, he'd wake us up in the morning by flipping on our lights, then rubbing our feet against his beard. It's one of my favorite memories of my dad.

However, I now get up at the crack of dawn, even in the middle of summer. I'm so light sensitive in the mornings that I can't sleep if the sun is up. I have an equally hard time staying awake in the evenings in the winter.

OB update:
weight weight gain 29 pounds
bp/sugars: good
movement: awesome
hb: awesome

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