Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Duck-isms

"that's it"

"fuuu cake" (fruitcake)

"let's see....um...no"

"let's see....um..yes"

"NO PAPA" (his response to anything my dad said to him during his three week stay"

Nana became "mom" during her visit.........most likely because that's all he heard me call her.

E became "honey" over the past month because that's what I call him

coke in a regular cup is "milk" but if it's in a restaurant cup, it's coke.

watermelon is known as fruit (of course it's the only fruit I can get him to eat lately)

dry-butt is code for diaper............and he knows the difference between a Duck dry-butt and an HJ dry-butt.

he's selective about what's on his dry-butts. i'm so proud of my little Duck.....he doens't like the "designer" pull-ups my parents bought, you know the name brand ones with Cars on them. Nope, my little money saver prefers to see the monkeys on the Target brand! He even ASKS for a dry monkey!

more days of no hitting at school. WOOOOHOOOO

and he's pooped on the potty even more.

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