Tuesday, March 24, 2009

too many clothes and toys

When you have your first child, everyone goes "ga-ga" over them. Nothing wrong with that, a child is truly a special event to be cherished forever.

Over time, you collect things. Over time, you think "we'll have another baby, so I want to keep this". And then, almost four years and two moves later, you finally have another baby and think, "where in God's green Earth did all this crap come from?"

I have FOUR bins full of clothing that doesn't fit either one of the boys. I have a large dresser full of clothes that fit each of the boys. Henry will NEVER need an article of clothing because, well, with Sam being on the smaller side, if Henry grows in the "right" season, he's set.

I have a closet FULL of toys that while we do rotate them, will not get the play time they should. After all, he spends 30 hours a week outside the home at school, so that's 30 hours each week that his toys get "ignored."

I feel guilty for wanting to get rid of toys and even moreso on some of the clothes. I mean, sure, onesies come in packs of 6 and really everyone uses them. But Sam has some of the ABSOLUTELY cutest outfits adn I can't wait til Henry can wear them. What do I do with them after he outgrows them?

I have watched NUMEROUS episodes of Clean House lately. Seems to be on a marathon session on the Style network. And I have to say it's making me stir crazy to know how much stuff we have.

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