Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sleep study test

Original blog: Apnea?

Took Henry for a sleep study last night. Actually called on Tuesday and got him right in. Didn't get the office I was hoping for, but at least the office we went to wasn't too far away. And I lucked out again, given that Eric is in Michigan right now, that my friend Ashley was able to stay with Sam overnight.

Little man did very well. He actually fell asleep on the way to the sleep center, stayed asleep during the hook up and pretty much through the night except to eat twice.

The tech that was covering Henry's study was AWESOME! He had given up doing these studies on adults to work with kids. He said that Henry was the best baby he'd done in a very long time. They had 6 kids under 2 in the center last night and he said Henry was by far the easiest to hook up. I think the fact that he slept through the whole thing helped a lot.

The only challenge we had was that the oxygen monitor thingy was too big on his toe and kept coming off. He even tried to use that sticky ace bandage stuff......Henry got that off the first time, but not the second.

Then, just about when the tech was going to come in and wake us up, Henry went into a dream sleep phase at 5:50, so he let him sleep through it (based on dr's orders). He came in at 6:20, I was back home at 7:15, just in time to get Sam ready for school.

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