Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleep apnea or silent reflux or ?????

Henry has been having some difficulties at night. There are times when I hear him take this LONG gasp for air. A couple of weeks ago, it scared me half to death, warranting a call to our pediatrician.

We had already talked to him about Henry being so congested all the time. I already run a cool mist vaporizer, use saline drops/nasal aspirator, and elevate his head.....but still, I am awakened by this gasping/choking for air in my 6 week old baby. The pedi mentioned a little bit of reflux at his weight check appointment, so I started thinking that this might part of the problem. I'm not totally convinced that it's apnea, but then again, the reflux doesn't make much sense either. So I don't know why he's doing this.

Sam never did this. He slept soundly.

So, after clearing it with our insurance company, we are taking him for an "obstructed airway" sleep study.

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Ginger said...

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