Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Things I'm adjusting well to:
No ants, cockroaches, or termites.
No geckos.
No screaming kids behind the apartment at 10:30 on a school night.
No wet carpet.
Cool nights for open windows, even in July.
Nice deck/patio to sit on any time of the day.
Parking in a garage.
Two vcrs at my mom's house, one to play and one to rewind

Things I'm not adjusting well to:
7-digit dialing on the telephone, I keep forgetting I don't have to do that here.
Having to decide if it's warm enough on a summer day for Sam to be in the water.
Not having all my clothes together in one closet.
Keeping my children quiet until at least 8:00 in the morning. HA! Not when they're up at 6!

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