Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paying it foward...........

I've been the giver and receiver a few times on this.....for example, when a friend lost her job and her husband was trying to work three to support their four kids, I picked up her baby shower gift, along with fixings for a full meal and a grocery gift card. I purposely asked her not to open the card until I left. I didn't get a half mile down the road before she called me.

Three weeks later, when Eric and I were having a tough time and I found out I was pregnant with Henry, I found a card with a grocery gift card in it, it was from a different friend.

Paying it forward doesn't always come in terms of finances......when I was trying to get the apartment ready to move and Eric was in MI, a friend stopped by to visit. It was time for me to get Sam, but I didn't really want to have to take Henry with me. She stayed an extra 30 minutes so I could leave Henry at home.

Today? today I got home from a trip to the in-laws to visit Eric and I got on my mommy board. I had a message from a friend asking if I got a package. She's in Switzerland, but she had paid attention to something I recently said about shoes. That I buy for comfort, not appearance.

With a 6th lumbar.....that has my pelvis cocked weirdly, I tend to stick with rubber soled shoes and I can never find anything cute.

So, when I was modeling my outfit for an interview I had (no didn't get the job), there was a comment about my shoes. I wasn't offended, I know they're not cute, bt I like them. ANYWAY....later there was a question about size of shoes (because now that makes sense).

And today, I got a new pair of Earth Origins shoes in the mail.

SUPER comfortable, TOTALLY adorable.

I am *in love* with these shoes.

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