Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why 3?

"things come in threes"

"leaves of three, leave it be"

"I'm going to count to 3!"

and on the popular show, "Charmed" they had the "power of three"

So why 3? I'm guessing because that's the magic number of things that we can remember at one time. When does the magic three come into our lives? Actually it's very early in life.

In fact, I just realized that even feeding an infant is about every three hours.

But I'm more thinking about shows like Oobi, Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent Oso......the preschool shows. Everything is done in three steps. Do you know WHY?

Because when evaluating young children, they look to see if the child can do a sequence of three things, both related and unrelated.

I tested this out with Sam yesterday. He wanted to play, but we were at the doctor's (more on that in a minute). So I told him, "doctor, lunch, play". After telling him 5 or 6 times......I asked him, "we're at the doctors, what's next?" He replied "lunch!"

He's come a long way!

4-year-old Check up stats:
Weight: 36 pounds, putting him back in the 75th percentile since BIRTH
Height: 39.5 inches, putting him in the 50th percentile where he's always been

Physically doctor said he's perfectly fine, glad to know he got the tubes last week and they split up the vaccinations for us. I was positive Sam would cooperate for a needle in each leg, but not two in each. So, when I take Henry for his 6-month check up, Sam will get his other two.

Developmentally, we're calling it PDD due to speech. He'll be going to school here in Mason in the fall. When I have more information on what he's going to be getting there, I'll revisit doing speech through the insurance company in addition to school.

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