Monday, September 3, 2012

I can't remember the last sleep

That was good and not interrupted by someone or something. The past two nights the boys have been up (individually). Sam was up Saturday night because he heard the tv at 230 (thank you Daddy), then I couldn't get back to sleep.

Last night Henry woke up crying and SOAKED. Got him changed and had to rub his forehead til he fell back to sleep. That was at 130 took me over an hour to fall asleep.

Keeping in mind that I have to be AT work by 645 means I'm up by 445 and out the door at 545, two little boys keeping up isn't fun. And it means I'm not very awake.

My days off are weekdays. And that means I'm up at 600 to get Sam up and ready for bed.

I may just pick a random Saturday off and utilize a floating holiday just to sleep in. But I'm sure one of the three will find a way to destroy it for me.

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