Thursday, November 1, 2012

A return of sorts

I've committed myself to blogging as a means of building time for me back into my schedule.  Also, it could mean that if I share stuff here, I'll have more time, energy, and definitely a clearer mind to be a better mommy and wife.

So, I'll be back later to determine something to post here.  I know I need an IEP update for Sam, and those interested probably want to hear what Henry is doing new these know, aside from being my new favorite PITA. 

Here's a BRIEF update:
  • Sam: currently in first grade, doing VERY well in reading, struggling with math, is one of the most literal thinking 7yo I know. He is building a very awesome friendship with another boy in our complex. 
  • Henry: knows his letters and sound, but really no interest in writing yet.  Well, at least not on paper, his current favorite location to write/draw is any wall in our apartment. At nearly 4yo, he is NOT potty-trained and showing little interest in it.
  • Eric: seriously getting down to business on getting back to work. 

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