Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hmm, where do I begin with an update?

Well, I had to wait til payday to get my meds. Which is fine. Metformin and Provera are surprisingly both on Target's $4 list. And because of my insurance, I only paid $2.20 for the Provera. Gotta love Target for going with the cheaper charge. Not all pharmacies do that!

Speaking of Target, I really do love that store. I believe that I'm keeping them open.....okay me and a few hundred other people that simply can't get out of that store for under $20 each trip. Mostly, my trips are more than that, but I've been trying to work on that. My staples at Target are any medications...I love both our pharmacists, a case of Target diapers, a big pack of Target sensitive wipes, and 1-3 pairs of socks for Duck. Can't have enough socks.....and I really hate doing laundry.

I only have two beefs with Target...............

First: WHY OH WHY is it Walmart carrying Garanimals and not Target? And, why is Target's Circo line MORE expensive that the Garanimals. So, forgive me Target management, I will buy my toddler clothing at Walmart because I can save $0.50 on each piece. Spending only $3.50 on something that he's going to wear for 6 months at best makes this mommy's day.

Second: I know this is a regional thing.........but I wish Target would carry Diaper Doublers. Publix has them here in Central Florida, but I know BRU has them elsewhere. I already spend a small fortune at Target, why not add these so I can spend more there rather than spreading the love to all the stores in the area?

Okay, back to the meds........not experiencing any side effects yet....Today is only day #9. I suspect that the Provera will kick in by the end of the week. At least that's my hope anyway.

I was referred to a GREAT site by a few friends from two mommy groups I belong to: It's all about PCOS. Great source of information on everything from being diagnosed to finding women in your similar situation, even detailed accounts of past experiences.

Duck has some news to share.....he can say "wow" and "yeah" at appropriate times. OF COURSE, he has to say "hi" to everyone everywhere, but it's better than crying or screaming. We're working on the will be a long haul. But I think his 3rd birthday will be the end of it. He starts school August 18 and I know they won't let him have no more paci during the day anymore. AT ALL. Not even at home. Yeah, ask me in a few days how THAT'S going.

Duck also squeals out "ah deedee" which is Duck-language for "I did it". He gets so excited that really only those closest to him (me, E, the babysitter, the speech therapist) can understand him sometimes.

It's like he's FINALLY hitting that toddler word explosion. I mean, it's not the typical words, but I'll take what I can get. We're so proud of him.

He's also sitting at his big boy table more often for meals. He'd rather sit there than his high chair. But when we have things like spaghetti or tacos, he goes in the high chair. After all, we have carpet.

OMG, TWICE this past week I had to come home and clean toddler poop from the carpet. Thursday night was the worst ever. I had three bad spots, plus his blanket and sheets. Our Bissell Little Green has definitely earned it's cost many times over. I really really really hate freaking carpet.

If we ever buy a house, it must have ceramic tile or hardwood floors. There's no reason for carpet in Florida. Don't need the warmth and God knows the bugs love the warmth of it I'd rather Swiffer every single day than clean carpet ever again!

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Annie said...

I hear you on the carpet!

Best of luck on the PCOS - hoping you get good news this year :)

You need to tell me more about Publix and Diaper Doublers? I've never heard of this?