Saturday, February 9, 2008


34, half-way to 35, wanting to conceive another baby and that's what I get from the NP at the ob's office. PCOS.

Oddly, I show no outward signs other than being overweight. No skin tags, no excessive acne (just here and there and definitely not all the time...most days my skin is clear), no current BP issues, no cholesterol issues, and my testosterone came back fairly close to normal. But now that I think of it I have had sugar/insulin issues when I haven't taken the time to eat properly.

INTERNALLY? Different story. I have the tell-tale "string of pearls" on my right ovary and one single cyst on the left ovary. Not to mention that I have a tilted uterus and it's SHIFTED to the left. The u/s tech couldn't find my left ovary at first. Hurt like heck with her pushing trying to find it. Finally, she found it....ON TOP OF my uterus, just resting, hanging out like a freaking HAT.

Yep, you guessed it, had to have the good old internal ultrasound for her to see the right one. Poor E. Such a trooper.

So, meds are next to bring back the cycles (haven't had one since Sept and prior was March) and maybe this year we can get pregnant. Otherwise I'm starting to prepare myself for a one child family. Even though E has said, "whatever it takes, we'll do it." I love him.

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