Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He's so skinny, he can fit anywhere

Okay, so normally I would take a shower first thing in the morning before work during the week or before E went to work on the weekends. Today.............I thought I'd wait til he napped since I'm working from home. Well, that turned into taking a shower right AFTER he got up. He had already had his snack and was watching Dora. So I thought I'd jump in and out of the shower. I could hear him wandering the apartment, even stopped in the bathroom to say hi to me. I got out a few minutes later and COULD.NOT.FIND.HIM.

Not a single noise coming from him, not even a giggle.

The front door was locked with a doorknob cover on it, he couldn't have gotten out. His bathroom and closet doors were the same, couldn't get in there.

I checked our closet (it's a walk-through to the bathroom) and even the cupboard in the bathroom (he loves to hide there). NOTHING.

I checked the ottomans, which is usual spot to go when he wants to "get away from it all." NO DUCK.

I start to really panic that I can't find him and he's not answering (gotta love this aspect of his developmental delay).

I finally check UNDER THE BED. I even have a card table under there, but sure enough, that's where he was. He came out after I lifted the bed skirt and saw him. I just said, "come on out Duck" and out he came.

Made me wish that the thing was on the floor or that we had a solid base to our bed.

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