Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snap, papple and crock

Yep, I did it again.

Oh well, it provides my husband with entertainment for 30 minutes, sometimes more. He's taken to writing my mix-ups on the calendar. Great, now not only do I get to remember them in my head, but I get a visual reminder too.

It's tax time again. I hate taxes. I don't mind paying them, I just hate filing them. We can have a space station that people live on for months, but we can't find an easier way for citizens to file their taxes? We efile, but still, having to wait for each individual document sucks. Finally got E's W2 yesterday. So, I think I have everything: my W2 for Harcourt, my W2 for Disney, E's W2 for Dunkin, Childcare information, and my student loan interest information. That's it right? We don't itemize and we rent. And since we don't pay state taxes, that should really be all I need.

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