Saturday, June 28, 2008

He hasn't stopped eating

since we got home from our trip to Oviedo. Aside from a 15 minute catnap (to finish off the 45 minute one on the ride home)....Duck hasn't stopped eating. He's had three helpings of mac-n-cheese, half a big cookie from Publix, an Oreo, and now he's eating Corn Pops. To his credit, Duck only had a bowl of Kix and milk for breakfast and 5 fries and some fruit for lunch (that happens when we don't eat at home)

Must be an eating evening, I guess.

I'm getting beaten by a stain. I found a shirt in my closet I really wanted to wear only to find it stained. Another shirt had a similar stain on it, but it came out of that one. So, I've been working on getting this grass-looking stain out of a nylon-polyester blend shirt. I just love how stain removal sites address the stain, not the fabric.

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