Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stress is not a good thing

Typically I thrive on stress. I used to thrive on stress. The higher the stress, the better the outcome. I was the type of college student that could mull over a 6 page paper for weeks on end, then sit down to type it the night before it was due and pull an "A" paper out of nowhere. Now, it wasn't really out of nowhere, it just wasn't on any paper or on any computer.

I think too much. WAY too much. It's one of the reasons I created this blog, so I could start getting the thoughts out of my head and then forget about them. Unfortunately, my ability to deal with stress effectively has gone somewhere with my sanity......I just hope one or both return SOON.

I hear it all the time. Breathe and relax. Heck, I even tell my friends that. I don't really know how to take my own advice, then again who does?

I found myself at the doctor's today. I was rudely awakened at 5:15 this morning by nausea, stomach cramps and a migraine. So, I made an appointment because really, I'd had the migraines under control and I figured the other was due to the Metformin and it's too early for an HPT.

Anyway, 7 minutes and a fruitless effort to hold back tears, I walk out with a new prescription. Great.....just what I wanted, more drugs to take. Come back in 4-6 weeks he said. Um, does he not understand that 4-6 weeks is a lifetime to a mom of a toddler? Before I left, though, I made my follow-up with the dr in the practice I actually like. If it weren't for Dr. B, I'd leave the practice altogether. But I really like her, she listens and since my husband actually thinks she's a good dr (and good looking), I think we'll keep her for a while.

I found a new running program online through my moms group, c25k.com It's a program called Couch 2 5K. In 9 weeks time, it takes you from being a couch potato to running a 5K. Now, I used to do 5Ks a lot back home. I wasn't a runner. I just wanted to finish with a decent time and ahead of somebody, anybody.

I think if Ic an get back to walking/jogging/running on at least an every other day basis, I mighthandle my stress a bit better. Of course, if I learn to let go of the things I have ZERO control over and take control of the things I don't, I'll probably HAVE a lot less stress to handle.

Duck's IEP staffing is July 10th, so the countdown begins. I'm torn as to what to hope for. More than speech means he goes all day. Just speech means that, just speech. No transportation and well, most likely a screwy schedule.

His speech has come so far though in the past few weeks. He's now saying AND signing "help". He's saying "thank you" unprompted without signing. (Though when prompted he still only signs it unless I hold his arms down) He will find pictures on his blocks and name them without prompting.

My little Duck even says "abre" when standing at the kitchen gate. Yeah, like I'm going to open the gates to heaven for him. Last time the gate was down the stinker found a way to get on top of my stove. I told you he watches way too much Dora and Diego.

Oh, and other evidence of that? You know how Boots and Dora tell Swiper "NO" and hold out their hands? He's started doing that when someone's doing something he doesn't like. Which is SOOOOOO much better than biting or hitting.

I'm on the lookout for a Diego backpack with tools inside. More specifically, I'm looking for Diego binoculars. He fell in love with Nana's at Daytona two weeks ago.

We bought Playdoh tonight for his party. Just a few weeks til that big event. I figure if I buy a little at a time, I won't have a huge party bill. I have to check my stash, I might even have enough goodie bags left over from last year. Wouldn't that be nice?

Duck does have two appointments this week: neurology follow-up and 1st visit to the dermatologist. I know we're missing two test for the neuro. One they said we didn't have to redo (blood draw) and the other is a urine test that I honestly forgot we had to redo.

The derm visit is because he's had 4 reactions to sunscreen, each progressively worse. You would think that if I can use Aveeno baby wash and Aveeno diaper cream, that Aveeno baby sunscreen would be okay. Nope, that was the 2nd one we used. Four brands over 2 months.

I do have a list compiled for the derm to show him/her which ingredients are common among the four brands. Oddly, there's only 5. The first three are the main ingredients, the fourth is water, and then Disodium EDTA. I'm also hoping that the derm will look at the imprint on his left temple.

Well, it's 3 a.m. and that means its time for me to get my butt in bed.

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