Monday, June 16, 2008

Help, I'm stuck!

Okay, so it really sounds a little more like "hehl.....tuc!" but since he's signing "help" and then pulling on the carseat fasteners....we've learned that this means, "help, I'm stuck". To which we can only giggle and say, "yes, you're stuck and you have to stay stuck til we get home/to the store/sitter's/therapy". Which is usually followed by some whining....a few minutes of quiet, then all of a sudden. "hehl, hehl, hehl.....tuc!"

Up, down, in and out are new favorite words thanks to Curious George's book of opposites. He can identify the colors yellow, purple and rojo (red) correctly. Blue and green come with prompting and well, orange is apparently yellow. He can show you the moon in the sky and remember the moon is in the same place when you come out of the store as when you went in. Cows, horses and sheep are known by their sounds.

SBLAH SLOH! (that's Duck for BLAST OFF) He's finally starting to use his tongue to make sounds and form words.

We're stumbling through potty-training. Duck's more likely to poop on the potty by choice than pee. That's only because about 75% of the time, you put him on the potty and he goes anyway. But, if he needs to use the potty and you ask, then he'll meet you at the bathroom door. but since he's got three different caregivers on a day-to-day basis, consistency is, well, inconsistent.

And rather than asking for milk, he's taken to opening the fridge and bringing me the entire gallon! He truly amazes me every single day.

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