Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Duck's newest phrase is "ta-da!" which came excitedly after E finished putting together our knew dining room table from Ikea (BJURSTA style). Of course, Duck had to help Daddy with the assembly, but mostly he supervised from the couch. The table is admittedly bigger than I really wanted to have in our small apartment, but the size will come in handy later on when we eventually have a house. For now it will stay at the smallest setting.

Duck helping.....

The "boys" working together.

Inspecting Daddy's work.

All done!

New couch and ottoman from American Signature, too!

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Anonymous said...

It looks nice! How are you enjoying the new apartment? We're in MI for a few weeks now. Hopefully the weather starts to cooperate and the boys and I can get to the pool/park!