Friday, April 24, 2009

We are NOT separating or divorcing

Obviously there's a reason for this post. I want to make it very clear that Eric and I are not going through a separation or a divorce. We are, however, making plans to be geographically apart for a temporary time period.

This time apart will allow both of us to focus on the major task at hand......getting new jobs. It would be no different than if he had gone to MI last year to work, sending money home. Or if we had a house that needed to be sold when a new job offer came up across the state.

You do what you have to for your family as a whole and the members as individuals. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I believe that.

When we moved to Florida, we had no support system. When things got rough, we had to rely on each other completely. That has its good and bad points. Moving back separately will allow us to have that support system we each so desperately needed and didn't have.

So, NO Eric and I are not getting a divorce, we are not getting separated, we have simply made a decision that is best for us as individuals and our boys.

Our ultimate goal is to have decent jobs in a few months so that we can all be together again. We love each other very much and we've each sensed a big weight being lifted off us. Granted, there is a brand new level of stress, but at least we'll be working toward a common goal.

Whether you agree with our decision isn't important, it's our decision to make. We just ask that you provide the love and support you would if we were living together.

Eric will be living with his parents, the boys and I will be living with my parents. Again, this is the best decision for us at the present time.

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Amanda, Brian and Katherine said...

oh andrea, that must have been such a hard decision to make. i know you and eric have the best in mind and only you guys can know what is right for your family. i really hope nobody is giving you a hard time about it. do you have my number? let me know if you ever need to talk..