Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Truly AMAZING developmental update

This is my blog update from a year ago. He was seeing a speech therapist four days a week, 30-minute sessions through Early Intervention. Ms. J had been with him since June 07, maybe July 07 (we'd switched therapists by then) and I had just heard "mama" for the first time in January (before I started the blog). ... gress.html

Here's where he is NOW, attending a full-day, all week special education pre-K program at the local elementary school.

:) we can have a conversation about all of his new animals (a friend gave him two buckets of Animal Planet animals--barnyard and safari)
:) he's using phrases like "i don't know" and "mama want some?"
:) he cleans up when asked most of the time and sings the clean up song while doing it

he will sing voluntarily:
:) Old MacDonald-----he says "e-i-e-i-o moo farm mama"
:) Itsy-bitsy spider-----he says "spidey mama?"
:) Head Shoulder Knees and Toes-----he says "hea, nonos, nees, toes"
and my fave?
:) he sings the "Uma Sleep" song from Oobi to Henry every night (of course changing it to "Henry Sleep")

Any tips for getting any of this on video would be GREATLY appreciated. As soon as he sees a camera in my hand, he wants it, so I don't get many videos of him anymore.

He's going to back to underwear for school starting next week when we're back to school, he's been using the potty pretty much all day at school.

He got his shirt off almost all by himself tonight (I helped him wiht the first sleeve).

We still have the paci, BUT we went to a playdate today and he left both of his puppies in the car and gave up the paci before even getting out of the car seat. He's letting go of his security items!

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