Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kids and dawn

Does God give kids some kind of special instructoin that they must be up before the crack of dawn until they're 6? Actually, I think if Henry wouldn't wake up so damn early, Sam might sleep later.

Granted, I knew when having children I'd lose some sleep. And really, I don't mind the loss of sleep on occasion. But the sheer act of being woke up by a screaming banshee isn't my idea of a great start to the morning. Really I'd love it if Henry would sleep til 6:30/7:00 and just wake up nice/talking/giggling/whatever, just anything but the shrieking.

Thankfully, though, both of my children do get up fairly well. By this I mean, they're ready to go. I don't spend hours trying to get them motivated. While Sammy could stay up for hours on end at night liek his daddy, he very much can get up the next morning and do what's necessary.

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vietstu said...

I am still a sudent but I sometimes have to take care of my brother who is one year old on this October 24.Sometimes i am sleepless because his crying butI love it.I cant imagine how wwe would be if he couldn't scream, cry and laugh.Now. beacuse of my studying, i have left home for a month and i really miss his crying.Your sons are very cute(many people say this, i think, because it's really true :)and ur posting remind me of my happy family in my hometown where i cant visit it regularly anymore