Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm hoping if I put it in print, I can continue to talk myself OUT of buying Henry a pacifier. I mean, he barely took to a Soothie when he was an infant. But right now he's all about sucking on an empty bottle or sippy cup.

and he ENJOYS it.

how do I know he enjoys it?

because it's QUIET, no screeching. No baby pteradactyl. No trying to wake the dead half-way around the world. he wants to watch the world around him.

why is it that complacency is required later on in life, but we don't allow our toddlers a little bit of it? yes, my 19mo still sucks a bottle. Sam got rid of the paci at 4y 10m. He doesn't ask for it, he is talking and telling stories and learning "big" words.

I just needed to write it out so I don't actually go buy one or 14.

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