Sunday, September 19, 2010

With the addition of FB to my life

I have experienced the loss of my blog. I apologize to my THREE followers. I hope you'll stick with me and come back to regular reading.

Much as happened in the past *gasp* three months. Not even sure where to begin:

  • Henry got his tubes in July, noticed a big babbling explosion about 3-4 weeks later.
  • Started Henry with Early Intervention. We have speech therapy for one hour every other week and therapy play group every week for one hour. An average of 90 minutes a week, I can handle that for now.
  • Sam started kindergarten. We've gone from our zoned school for AM, to school of choice PM, to school of choice AM. VERY happy with our kdg teacher. Sam really enjoys her class, comes home talking about her every single day.
  • Since school has started, I'm back to subbing.
  • I've started a new hobby/job making "tec me blankets". I'll post that story tomorrow or Tuesday. In the middle of three right now.

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