Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sammy writing

I think Sam's teacher can tell which paper is his because it's the one with the scribbles for a name.

We meet next month for his IEP and I want more details about his writing in there. But for now, I've gotten out the dotted letters his teacher sent home last year. he actually practiced his name all by himself tonight. It's on each paper five times (maybe four), but he did it without being asked.

Writing is hard for him, he just never grasped the concept of gripping a pencil/marker/crayon. Those have only been recent additions ot his interests. (on the other hand, Henry loves to draw with the magna doodle and tries to with a capped pen)

Mrs. Z is using the Letter People program, which makes us VERY happy. Especially since I found a few of the books at Hidden Treasures over the summer. Sam got a lot of joy out of his Letter People creations.

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