Sunday, March 2, 2008

Say Duck "can't" and he turns around and

he DOES it!

For example, in the past few weeks, I've said that he:
  • can't use a fork consistently and proficiently
  • only has 3 verbal words without consistency other than "hi" which are "yeah", "no", and "a-ee" (for Jacquie the speech therapist) OR
  • his irregularity seemed to have returned to the tune of once every four days if I was lucky.
The result?????
  • He threw an absolute fit the other day and would not each lunch for E. Why you ask? Because E didn't give him a fork to eat his chicken nuggets with. Tonight he ate my "famous" mac-n-cheese with tuna and peas (it's better than it sounds) with a fork at his big boy table.
  • He has started to say his own versions of "i love you", "thank you", and "uh oh". And rather than "Dora" it's "oh-dah".
  • Additionally, he is answering back to Moose, Dora and Diego with being accurate more than half the time. Although, today he was dead-on with every question Diego asked. I know there's a lot of repetition with those shows and snippets, but at least I know it's connecting.
  • I sent a message to a friend about withholding last week......Within 24 hours, he cleaned himself out without me having to give him Milk of Magnesia and has gone nearly every day since.

So, I'm going to start saying Duck "can't" and see what he does with it!

I've also been letting him help me in the kitchen. Last weekend we made a cake for E. Just a simple chocolate cake, but I let Duck run the mixer with my hand over his. Tonight I let him stir the mac-n-cheese. I held his left hand with mine, then had my right over his while we stirred together. He likes to be in the kitchen. Now if I could just get him to stay out of the refrigerator and stop playing with the light and the temperature control.

A med update for me.....It's day #7 after my last Provera pill and it's done nothing yet. I go back to the doctor on March 13th, hopefully something will happen before then. I'm finally past the sleepy stages of the Metformin, so that's a good thing.

If you're headed to central Florida any time soon, I have two BIG recommendations. The first one I have to recommend based only on the sights I've seen on my daily commute and the word of a fellow mommy: Sea World's Aquatica is now OPEN! And it's a great place to be. PLEASE GO!

My second recommendation is for anyone planning a Disney trip: If you can, try to go to the Pirates and Princesses Party at Magic Kingdom! It was a great event! Duck got individual time with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Pluto and Chip (or maybe it was Dale....) Anyway, my little Duck went squealing and running to Mickey and Donald like he was running toward me when I pick him up from the sitter's. I'm fairly certain I got a little choked up. Oh, and you would think that us living here, E and I both working for Disney, that he'd have a boatload of Mickey's right? Nope, we bought him his first one last night and he has NOT PUT IT DOWN! Anyway, the party was great, the entertainment spectacular and I'm fairly certain they were filming because the Goodyear blimp was overhead most of the night. Duck was spectacularly behaved all night long. We made the long trek back to Epcot to get the car and he stayed awake the entire time.

If you're familiar with property, you'll appreciate this. He was OUT COLD between Epcot and Boardwalk (we had to get gas at the Hess station). Got him home, changed his diaper, put on his pajamas and he was still fast asleep with Puppy and Mickey in his arms.

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