Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How am I feeling?

Crappy. Purely crappy.

Headaches are daily now. And ya know what? Tylenol doesn't do SQUAT for a headache. Alas, I am destined to be riddled with headaches through this pregnancy too. I think they finally died down with my pregnancy with Duck somewhere between the epdiural and 2 weeks post partum. Funny, I didn't take anything stronger than Tylenol in the hospital after having a c-section, yet it won't touch these headaches now.

The nausea comes and goes. I have good and bad days. Today was an okay day. The first whiff of someone's heating up in the department microwave sent me reeling and I made my way to the cafeteria. Grateful to be pregnant.....but looking forward to when the nausea subsides a bit. I do work 1-2 hours in the cafeteria on some days. Why is it that the smells in the cafeteria don't bother me, but one person's lunch in the dept microwave does?

I know I've lost 6 pounds already. That puts me 3 pounds lighter than the same time with Duck. At 8 weeks with Duck, I weighed 164 pounds. (this was after a 17 pound loss over the summer after our wedding day) So, yep, at 8 weeks this time I was 161 pounds. And that's a total of 14 pounds since starting WW in April. For those that don't know.....I got my BFP the last week of my WW at work program.

I feel like I am going to have to go back to regular clothes because my maternity pants are no longer feeling comfy.........why can't I just wear my pajamas to work? Do they make dressy yoga pants?

It's been 2.5 weeks since I've had any spotting, so I'm feeling good, but paranoid. We're not making any plans for out of town trips til we see the high-risk OB. Which, who knows when that will happen. They originally scheduled my appointment on the same day as my regular OB appt and more insanely, on Duck's first day of school. No way am I going to be in downtown Orlando for a 1:00 appt with a specialist when my Duck gets out of school at 2:30 in Kissimmee. Not a fat chance in H E double-hockey sticks. So, I'm waiting for them to call me back with a new appt.

My FIL is coming for a visit. Got his flight booked tonight. I don't know why, but his visits never make me anxious. My own parents and my MIL? Oh yeah....totally. Maybe it's because my FIL is so freaking laid back about everything that it just makes every thing okay. I love my mom and my MIL dearly, but sometimes they drive me crazy. (I know you're both reading this) However, that's what mothers and mother-in-laws are supposed to do, right? I guess it's more because I feel like I have to pass inspection. True or not, that's how I feel.

So that will be a good thing to look forward to.

Duck? How's he doing? Hmmmm, refusing bed time before 8:45, selectively eating and on a poop strike. Had to add Miralax back into his diet this week. What is it about this time of year for this kid? Leading up to his birthday, he was actually pooping 4-6 times a day. Since his July 19th birthday? THREE TIMES! and two of those times it was NOT pretty and one involved me cleaning up puke.

We bought plum juice to add to his diet, I figured that would go down easier than prune juice. He's had that for three days now. PLus 1 tsp of Miralax in his milk at night. I figure we should be good for a pure blowout tomorrow or Thursday.

Can heat be a cause of constipation? I mean, it was his birthday week last year that started the 2 weeks of no pooping and landed me in the pedi's office. Subsequently having to administer an enema to my screaming 2 year old. (yes, I cried and I felt so bad for having put my own mother through the same damn thing 30+ years ago)

That's about it from the land of Duck.

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