Friday, August 15, 2008

I do believe

that I must have too high of expectations. That or I'm just a major PITA.

We got Duck's supply list for school thrusday night. SCHOOL STARTS MONDAY.

Thank God today was payday. But geez Louise, four days time to buy everything he needs including a new blanket and a regular-sized backpack. (yes, my small-for-his-age 3 yo child needs to carry a regualr backpack. Can't be his PBK toddler backpack.....according to his teacher, it won't be "big enough".)

Among other things, a box of resealable baggies, napkins, paper towels, kleenex. (oh and don't forget diapers and wipes since mine is one a FEW that aren't potty-trained.)


Guess things have changed since I was teaching. Oh wait, no they haven't. It's just because he's in pre-k......all the other parents could get their lists from Walmart or Target.

I even emailed the teacher last week and got nothing back.

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