Saturday, August 2, 2008

A lot has happened

Well let's see:

Duck turned three and we had the wonderful company of E's cousin and his family for the weekend. We try to spend a few weekends a year together. K's the closest thing E has to a brother, in fact, if you didn't know them, you'd swear they are brothers just the way they act. We all get along really well and their son is just about year younger than Duck. This trip was the first time they really played together and it was AWESOME!

Just two days after they left, we had my niece E. M. staying with us. She'd gotten sick while on vacation with other family members, so she came to our house to get better. Such a sweet, kind-hearted girl. AFter she was feeling better and had broke her fever, she helped with Duck and even helped me with a little house work.

During that same week was when I learned some not so good news. The second week of July brought me a bit of spotting and I had it checked out by my OB. The first visit I was told it was pimple-like cysts on my cervix causing the spotting and just take it easy so they could heal. That Friday, (when K and his family arrived) I found out at the RE's office that I had what looked like a 9 mm mass that looked like a clot, but was not fluid filled and nothing to worry about at the time. The morning after E. M. arrived, I learned at the OB's office that it was actually a tear causing a subchorionic bleed.

There are many things that could go wrong at this point. Obviously a miscarriage is possible. But so is complete healing. As is partial healing and then becoming worse later on with placenta previa or placenta abruption, neither of which would be a good situation.

So, E's been doing a lot more housework and Duck really doesn't understand why I can't pick him up. For now, I'm just trying to be nice to my body.

The nausea is still horrible. One day last week I spent two hours in the cafeteria working so that I wasn't on my floor smelling the kitchen. (don't ask how the cafeteria didn't bother me, it just didn't that day)

I did get my "high-risk" OB referral. Have to call Monday to talk to them about the appointment. Right now it's scheduled the same day as my regular 12-week check up AND on the first day of school for Duck. Already a high stress day, don't ya think?

Duck is now able to tell you what the following animals say:

baby jaguar (from Diego)

he can also identify the same things as well as
ice cream

and the following body parts:

Duck is refusing to jet his tongue though. Not a single "l" sound will come out of that kids mouth. Not even to imitate "bleh" or flip his tongue. An elephant is called and "e-way".


queenrandom said...

You know, my brother didn't say an "L" until he was 5. The only way he could do it then was with LOOOOTS of speech therapy and a frenectomy under his tongue. He knew he couldn't say L words either so he just wouldn't say it. Which was kind of funny considering my name starts with an L.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I was wondering how everything was going for you. I'll keep you and the baby in our prayers!