Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons learned

I think as a mom, one of the most important (and likely valuable) lessons I've learned from my mom is the ability to multi-task. I say this because oddly, whenever I bring cookies in to work, someone always asks how I find time.

I don't know, I just do.

I can bake cookies (double batch btw), clean up the kitchen (to include rearranging pantry), sort laundry, entertain a 3 year old and sort laundryall in about 3 hours of time. Granted, probably only 2 of those at one time, but my 3 year old can follow directions and help me change loads.

(Thank God he knows what "in" means)

I don't remember specifically being taught to multi-task and while women are more natural at it than men, I definitely know women who don't do so well. But I just remember watching my mom do it all. Three kids, husband and a job.....all of which had its own set of issues and challenges. Of course, they all had rewards too. But my mom was an inspiration for me...if she could do it all, so could I.

Admittedly, I have my faults with multi-tasking. I tend to take on too much, not say no and after about 3-5 months of that, I break. Yep, I break. Usually ends with a trip to the doctor's because I'm so run down and two or more days off from work.

But, once I'm better? It's off to anxiety-ridden multi-tasking again. I like it, though. I feel useful. Sitting on the couch, relaxing? I don't feel so useful.....well, that is unless I'm being used as a pillow by Duck. Then I feel extremely useful and grateful. I love cuddling with my baby boy.

I rarely sit down though. Again, I don't think I saw my mom sit much unless it was after dinner and the house was once again spotless (and yeah, I mean spotless....we used to say that Buckingham Palace couldn't match my mom's cleanliness)

I know, I know. Twelve weeks pregnant with a history of a subchorionic bleed, I need to take it easy. How?

I don't know the meaning of taking it easy. I like a clean house (contrary to what my mom or dad might tell you), but I think I'm the only one in my home that does, so that makes it hard. Obviously, Duck doesn't care. He wants toys, food, juice and his mama. E? Well, he's an entirely different story. But, I take great satisfaction in a clean house. I also HATE HATE HATE ants. Oddly, I can deal with cockroaches, spiders and even the occasional snake or gecko in the apartment. But I hate ants. (and yes, right now I have an infestation thanks to my wonderful (cough cough) neighbors and their a/c unit. Btw, baby powder, is a GREAT way to rid yourself of ants and have a baby fresh smell in your home.

I did spend 3 hours cleaning my kitchen top to bottom before making cookies on Sunday. My counters are completely clear for the first time since we moved in 4 months ago. My dining room table is used EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT for dinner. I can probably count on one hand the number of times we ate at the table in the previous four years. (thank you MIL for the furniture, it's helped our family have family time)

Anyway, time to go multi-task again. Have to get Duck up from his nap, get him a snack, make some meatloaf and repackage beef and chicken for the freezer.

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