Thursday, August 14, 2008


Not only did I push myself to keep calling the OB I wanted, I finally (3 calls later) got through to the right person and scheduled a new appointment for September 5th. I'm so excited. A new doctor that is older, cares deeply for his patients, will handle high risk patients and best of all......delivers at the hospital 1.8 miles from us. so many problems solved on this, the least of which my mom already knows how to get to this hospital and so transporting Duck back and forth won't be a problem.

In somewhat related news, I was wired agian last night. I think it was because I actually got some housework done after dinner. I cleaned up the living room, dining, did two loads of laundry and sorted 4 more loads for E to start today. I also picked up our bedroom and made our bed. I finally laid down about 11:30, but couldn't get comfy. E came in to rub my back, but it didn't really help. I think I finally passed out at 1:00. And then I was back up at 6:00. I know I know, sleepless nights are ahead. But at least there's a prize with that sleeplessness. Right now it's just about having too much to do and not enough time to do any of it.

but, I did sort 4, no wait, 6 loads of laundry for E to start today. It was weird. I was trying to make sure my light and dark towels didn't go in together. And I can't put more than 6 towels in my dryer at once because it's a PITA POS. (wouldn't the laundry mat be cheaper?) So, I had a towel on my lap and I get this BRILLIANT idea......I laid 6 towels out in a neat pile, then folded it in half twice. VOILA! Load #1. Did this two more times for towels. Then I did it with sheets. Three more loads. (we've had houseguests and frankly haven't done the big stuff since beginning of July as there wasn't a need and I didn't feel that great to do it.) So I popped a towel load in this morning before I left and reminded E this morning to put it in the dryer.

I'll have to fold it all, but that's nothing when it can be put right away after that.

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