Saturday, November 15, 2008

Being a sick mom just plain SUCKS

It's bad enough that I've been sick all week. But to be pregnant, sick and unable to take much is horrible. Add in a puking sick pre-schooler and a puking sick husband and you have a slight glimpse into my first week of a gestational diabetes diagnosis.

I missed a day and a half of work because I could not stop blowing my nose or stop coughing. Did I get rest? Nope, the first day, Duck was off school for Veteran's Day. (why couldn't he have had Columbus Day like I had it from work? or why couldn't I have had VD off?) The second day? That involved a trip to the pediatrician.

He'd come home from school on Friday covered in yuck. Threw up on himself on the bus to the sitter's. While I was at work Saturday afternoon.......he threw up on himself again. I kept him home on Monday because he still wasn't 100%. Tuesday he started with sniffles and green snot and another fever. Wednesday we went to the pedi's office. Wednesday night, he puked again after taking the antibiotic. Thursday morning, he puked again......the pedi's office gave us another excuse to keep him out all week. Said he likely picked up another stomach bug on top of the sinus infection he had going on.

E's been sick through all this too. (and we all know how men are when they get sick, so I don't have to explain how I wound up being sick and still taking care of the general household.)

I went back to work Thursday, trying ot meet a deadline. Unfortunately, I went back and it seems my entire team is now sick. (sorry ladies)

this morning my internal alarm had me up at 6:30. I forced myself to lay in bed another 30 minutes or so and then I got up. Before I could actually get E upright, I had loaded the dishwasher and ran it, cleaned the kitchen floor (old style-hands and knees), picked up the living room. Once Duck was up, I got his room completely picked up, his bedding off and into the washer. I made cinnamon raisin bread this morning.

My house is clean. 100% clean.

both my boys are napping. E in bed and Duck on the couch. Because of course Duck wouldn't go down, he'd been bored all morning. While I was cleaning up, he just watched tv and trashed his room some more. So I had to lay with him to get him to sleep. He loves Lord of the Rings and it's something about the music in it that he falls asleep to. But I can't nap like that on the couch, he's a hot-body like his daddy.

so, I get time to myself to update my blog for hte first time in a week.

GD is not going well. okay, it is, but I hate it. My numbers, from the research I've done are fairly consistently IN NORMAL RANGES. Why am I testing all the time? My after breakfast check was actually LOWER than my fasting check this morning.

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