Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My 3-hour glucose test experience, results included

Knowing the lab only does one 3-hour test each Saturday, I had to sign up three weeks in advance to make sure they would have my results back by my appointment today. I get there right at appt time, they get me started.

Thankfully, I got to drink ORANGE syrup. You know that stuff McDonald's used to serve way back when? That's what it tasted like. But because I was already very hungry and bordering dehydrated (for me) tasted incredible. Hell, anything was better than that fruit punch stuff I had to drink at the OB's office.

Anyway, they had me drink it, took my blood and sent me back out to the waiting room. 55 minutes later, I walked back to the testing area and let my tech know I was ready. then it hit me. 100mL of pure sugar hit me and HJ like a ton of bricks. HJ starts spazzing out, flipping and turning. I'd swear he'd give Paul or Morgan Hamm a run for their medals. Then the tunnel vision and cold sweats. I turn to another patient and ask him to get someone.

Of course, he didn't quite hear me at first, then he looked at me. The head guy from the lab walked into my field of vision and it was all I could to reach up and touch his arm. I said, "I don't feel so good"

"You're a glucose test aren't you?"

At that point, he picks me up......well, not like a groom carries a bride, but close enough. He had my entire weight on him. (me at 5'3 and him at over 6'......yeah, it was a sight)

they get me back to the one room they have an exam table and get me laid down. And they go ahead and take my blood.

I lay there, fading in and out......not sure if I was passing out or just sleeping, but it was 10-15 minute increments. They took my blood an hour later, from the same vein and it hurt A LOT.

Another hour of fading in and out and they hit the same vein a third time. Thsi time, I actually screamed a little.

It's now 4 days post-test and yes, I have lovely bruise. But at least the bruise is covering up the needle marks. Sunday it looked like I had track marks......

Today I learned, I failed. I failed my 3-hour test.

Remember I said that I "barely failed" my 1-hour? She was was 130. According to WebMD, the upper cut off is 140. The lower cut off? 130. So I failed by ONE FREAKING POINT!

The really odd thing? My 1-hour with Duck was 135 and I supposedly passed. Might have something to do with my 8lb, 2oz baby who had low blood sugar at birth.

Official scores:
fasting: 86 (pass)
1-hour: 191 (fail)
2-hour: 119 (pass)
3-hour: 174 (fail)

This site gives the scores for each hour......National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

So, now I sit back and wait to hear from my OB's charge nurse as to how he wants to handle it. I'll either wind up with daily pricks to my fingers or on medications.

And for your viewing pleasure today, Duck's first listen at HJ's heartbeat. I will say that it's not til 44 seconds that you can really tell it's a heartbeat clearly. He was incredibly active.....I had just had a full lunch to include pudding and Sunny D. (guess that stops now, huh?)

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